Aug 01, 2009

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About Us

We met three years ago in my university's spring fest. Got engaged almost two years ago, after a long engagement (long for my country, generally the engagement period lasts 2 months to 1 year top.) we are getting married!

The Wedding Place

We didn't want a big, luxurious wedding. We were planning to get married abroad but it would be a disappointment for our close relatives and friends. We hired a place, up to 300 people.In our wedding there will be coctail tables, people will be standing and it will be an energetic wedding.People dancing around, laughing, drinking and eating!

The Wedding Dress

I was a lucky bride.I found it, on the first day I started to look for a wedding dress.First I didn't want to buy from a store but I found a beautiful store which was about to close down and the prices were half.I liked mine a lot.I thought about it for a week and looked for other wedding dresses but finally, I bought it with an amazing price.(I will post a pic of it)

The Hair

Well, it's still an open question.Great tips for hair in this web site!

The Food&Drink

We will be serving different types of appetizers plus red&wine wine.For dessert, there wiil be a wedding cake!

The Honeymoon

We will be going to Canada.