Mar 20, 2010

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The colors photo 1The colors photo 2



These two blues and then I am adding in green with the apples and orange with the roses. 

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On the model

THE dress photo 1THE dress photo 2


She is now here!! I finally got to try her on! I will soon go back and start my fittings since I need to lengthen it and its a little bunchy around my stomach. I am also adding poof because when the dress doesn't have it she looks lifeless (I don't have any picture without poof)

THE dress photo 3THE dress photo 4

THE dress photo 5THE dress photo 6

THE dress photo 7THE dress photo 8

THE dress photo 9THE dress photo 10

THE dress photo 11


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We meet our senior year in high school. He was new to the school so I of course noticed him right away. I was in class telling my friend there was a new guy in school and then he walked in. As soon as he smiled at me I knew that he was the one for me :) We started dating a few months later on October 26th 2003. 

So here we are almost 6 years later after high school graduation, two years at different colleges, two years together, one semester of him in Japan and finally us graduating we are ready to spend our lives together.How we met photo 1



wedding countdown