Sep 06, 2009

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
This being a second wedding, as well as being held outdoors, there wouldn't be the need for a lot of flowers, but I still needed my bouquet as well as a few other items. While it's true I wasn't going to spend over $500 for my flowers, I'm still a paying customer and deserve to be treated with respect. My needs were very simple and I had pictures of what I wanted, I just needed someone to sit down with me, look them over, and give me a price quote. The staff at the store treated me as if I was an inconvenience and told me I would need to come back when another associate was there who had left early that day. I gave them my name and number and asked if she could call me back. It was weeks later when I received her call stating they would be closed the weekend of my wedding. Definitely not a pleasant experience.
Services used: Flowers, Invitations, Lighting & Decor, Wedding Planning