Oct 02, 2009

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Now that my wedding is over, I have some items that I'd like to sell so far.

I'd prefer to sell to brides in the area to avoid shipping costs. But if you don't live in the area, I'm willing to ship them. However, you do have to pay for the shipping.

Ring Pillow - qty 1 for $ 5

For Sale photo 1

Lenox Jubilee Cake Knive/Server Set - qty 1 for $ 30

Lenox Jubilee Pearl Toasting Flutes - qty 1 for $ 30

For Sale photo 2

Pink Heart Bubble - qty 2 for $ 7 each

48 tube in each box

For Sale photo 3

Hair Flower - qty 1 for $ 20

For Sale photo 4

Tiara - qty 1 for $ 60

For Sale photo 5

Brooch - qty 1 for $75

Fresh water pearls and cubic zirconia stones.

For Sale photo 6


Thank you.


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At first, I was going to rent Anjolique style 1020. I loved it the first time I tried. But since it was a rental, the color was fading and not as shiny as the pictures. I love the simplicity of the dress.

Wedding Dress photo 1

I ended up with La Sposa style Fiona. It has more thing going on on the dress, but the style is pretty similar.

Wedding Dress photo 2

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We went to Soka University the first day when it was HOT. We got great pictures though. Second day of shoot, which was the labor day weekend, we went to Huntington Beach, close to the pier. There was a lot of people around and it was very windy. I thought the pictures would not come out good. But, Shiela did it. We got some great shots.

Engagement Pictures photo 1Engagement Pictures photo 2 

Engagement Pictures photo 3Engagement Pictures photo 4Engagement Pictures photo 5

Engagement Pictures photo 6Engagement Pictures photo 7

Engagement Pictures photo 8Engagement Pictures photo 9Engagement Pictures photo 10

Engagement Pictures photo 11

Pictures by Shiela Hizon @ Hizon Photography.