Mar 21, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I had already reserved and placed a deposit with another photographer when I met with Roy. I had a gut feeling upon our first phone call that he was the one; viewing his work and meeting him in person only reaffirmed my instincts. I booked Roy on the spot and on the drive home canceled my preceding photographer reservation. While I spent time looking at Roys art, Roy spent time learning about myself, my husband, our families, and our lives together. Roy was constantly learning the dynamics of our relationship and the things and people that matter most to us. Months later he was able to capture the most intimate moments of our wedding day, with those same people and things that hed been making mental notes of the whole time. With a grandfather who was a professional wedding photographer, and a father who grew up learning the business in the shadows, finding a photographer to satisfy both the contemporary desires that I had, along with the traditional needs of any wedding, while meeting our high standards was a challenge. Roy is this person and provided such a perfect blend of photos while capturing moments that can never be recreated. We intended on finding a photographer who would be able to capture our story so that we may relive our days, we got an added bonus by finding a photographer who could tell our story in such an artistic, passionate, neat and breathtaking way with gorgeous pictures. Roy was so professional and skillful in his photographic technique-I didnt even notice he had taken some pictures until I saw the prints. So masterful! Roy needs no testament to the quality of his photos. All you need to do is visit his website to know that he takes phenomenal photos. What makes Roy so special is how he works directly with you, learning the most intimate and special parts of your day and makes sure to capture them, without ever knowing that he is there. I wish I had another event just to have more photos by Roy Llera-hopefully its only a matter of time till I have that opportunity!
Services used: Photography