Jan 27, 2007

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It was intimidation at first site as we always tell people. Robert and I
met thought a mutual friend. Our friend had just planned on introducing us,
and he never thought in a million years that we would get married! Rob
intimidated me the moment I met him, he made me so nervous that I couldn't
even look him in the eyes when we spoke. Every time I knew that there was
a chance that we could run into one another I would make sure there was no
lipstick on my teeth, breath was fresh, and that my hair was perfect! The
one night that we finally ran into one another he pulled me over to the
side and asked me why when he talked to me I was unable to look him in the
eyes. That is when I blurted out to in a hurry to him that I thought he
was attractive and that was why he made me nervous. A few days later, the
friend that introduced us told me to give Rob a call whenever I was ready
to go out. After much thought and consideration I decided to lead by
example for my fellow females and called him!
We went out on a date, and the rest is history.

Our Wedding:

Having knows that Robert's Uncle was a deacon we asked him right away if he
could marry us, and without hesitation he joyfully agreed. St. Rose of
Lima in Short Hills, NJ was a magnificent church with a spectacular altar,
and high ceilings which were truly breathtaking.

Having a beautiful classy wedding was our wish from the get go. We looked
long and hard for the perfect venue that would have it all. After being
disappointed looking at a bunch of places we were starting to give up, that
is when we came across the Crystal Plaza in Livingston NJ. The minute we
pulled up to this historic mansion we knew it was for us. The Crystal
Plaza was more then we could have ever dreamed of for our wedding. The
food was exceptional, the decor was pure simple elegance, the staff was
next to amazing, and most importantly the round dance floor and chandeliers
which blew us away.

The evening began with a cocktail hour held in the library where fireplaces
and live music set the tone for our winter wonderland wedding. Our guests
enjoyed over 16 stations of food selection during the cocktail hour which
included items such as lobster tails, hand rolled sushi, fresh cheeses, and
lamb chops to name a few. Not to mention the vodka and martini bars which
were completely made out of ice! Our favorite was the giant ice sculpture
which was turned into a self serve Apple martini.

After cocktail hour, our guests were ushered into the ballroom where they
were greeted by the music of an 11 piece band and sat at tables which were
adorned with high flower center pieces placed atop candle operas. Floor
length table cloths added to the winter elegance theme and chairs were
covered and tied with an ivory sash to complete the look. In order to add
a simple but an elegant touch to the wedding I had custom toasting discs
made for the champagne glasses. In lieu of a traditional wedding favor,
donation booklets were designed and printed with information of our
donation to St. Jude Children’ research. This booklet was wrapped with a
gold satin bow and laid upon the napkin of each guest.

For Dinner, a custom menu was given to each guest which listed 8 selections
for dinner. Guest got to choose from mustard encrusted salmon to
Chateaubriand served butternut squash placed in a hollowed apple. The
Viennese hour was equally amazing as the food from the cocktail hour and
the dinner. Stations of ice cream, fondue, and zeppelins really wowed
everyone. After the night was over and guests were leaving they were
greeted with a Nuts 4 Nuts cart from New York City which served steaming
assorted nuts to departing guests. The hot nut cart was not only great way
to end the night in style, but was a nod to Colleen since she was
originally from New York.

The entire day went without a hitch, and to this day guests are raving
about our wedding.

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Was the best day of my life! EVERYTHING was perfect!! The weather was supposed to be crappy, yet it turned out great!! After months of planning it came together amazing!