Dec 19, 2009

Bella Donna Bridal
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
After a few months, I feel the need to document my experience with Bella Donna. In one word: Bad. I went in (with an appointment of course) with my mother and my future mother-in-law to try on dresses with a fairly clear image of what I might be looking for. When I walked in, there was one other bride in the shop trying on dresses. We were ignored for the first 5 minutes after being told to sit in a very public area (in front of the windows unlike the one other bride who had her own viewing space). After being ignored for a few minutes, I was told to grab 'whatever dresses I wanted' to try on. No help. Nothing. Didn't care to look at my pictures. Didn't even help me into the dressing room with the few I had grabbed. I tried on the first gown and the consultant did NOT help me with anything, yet again.... no clips, nothing. I walked out in front of all the windows and everything to look at the dress and as soon as I saw myself in the public arena with the dress half falling off me, I wanted to run back in the dressing room. Second dress I get a knock on the door of my room.... It is the consultant telling me "Um, I am going to lunch now, if you need anything, you can ask so and so (I forget her name) REALLY?? You are going to lunch?? It's not like I walked in out of nowhere. I had an appointment! Sadly I really did love the dress I had on, but I was felt so horrible by the way we were being treated, I took off the dress and we immediately left the shop. My mom and my future mother in law both were appalled by the experience. I truly hope that I walked into a bad day at this Bridal Shop and whatever management they have now is better than what that had back in January. I had heard good things about this place, and would have never thought this is how we would be treated. I almost called back at one point to speak to the management to inform them, but I just let it go. Now a few months later, I finally feel like I should tell my story. If anything, so that another bride-to-be doesn't have to face this treatment.
Services used: Dress & Attire

Miosa Couture
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Go no where else to find your gown! These people are dreammakers! I went in with a dress I had bought from another unnamed salon that I swear was a size 14 and not a size 4, and they performed miracles on the dress to have it fit my personality and my body perfectly.... even more than I originally envisioned!! And more importantly, I have never felt that I was simultaneously talking to genius artists and down to earth friends during all my interactions with Micheal and Sanea. They are truly a diamond in the rough of Sacramento bridal salons (actually all of Northern California at that!!), and I would highly recommend this salon to any and all who want to feel beautiful and special on their wedding day!!
Services used: Dress & Attire