Jun 06, 2009

High Energy Dj: San Diego County's Best Wedding Dj
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Talk about truth in advertising! When first delving into the abyss of wedding vendors, Paul caught our eye with his very competitive price. To be honest, we had a big wedding to plan and not such a big budget so we took a closer look. After nothing but great reviews and a surprisingly upbeat initial conversation, he was our guy. I have heard nothing but excellent stories and hugely positive experiences from the reception and I have to attribute the upbeat attitude and overall fun to Paul. Not only did he have seamless transitions through the different stages of the night, he was responsive to the crowd and made sure everybody was involved and having fun through the different events. Through all this, he wasn't just a statue in the background, he was dancing along and getting down both behind his gear and on the dance floor when appropriate. I can safely say he is the best DJ I've seen in action, regardless of the type of event, and would highly recommend him for any occasion. Thanks for helping make our wedding so fun!
Services used: DJ