Jun 07, 2009

Bear Flag Farm
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
When my daughter and now son-in-law mentioned getting married on a farm, I was a little perturbed. My first visit to the farm and meeting Tina, soon put all my fears aside. A more magical place could not be had. The beauty of the surroundings, the care of the farm, radiates love all around. A perfect place to celebrate love and share it with others. Tina took are of all the details. Her vendors are professional and honor the traditions and values she has for her organic farm. Tina makes sure that everyone is educated about and is respectful of the amazing environment she has created. Working with local vendors, like getting wildflowers from the farm next door for the rooms for our hotel guests, is just one of the small and delightful ways Tina invites you into her world and home. Getting ready in the guest cottage with the bridal party early in the morning, was just the beginning of a glorious, elegant and memorable day. From the snacks in the kitchen to the comfort of the cottage, it was a fitting start to allow everyone to relax and enjoy a day of celebration and union ahead. The wedding was beautiful, the lavender fields stunning, and the fragrance of the plants added added to a wonderful open air experience. Simplicity at its best. We now have lasting wondrous memories of visual beauty, senses of fragrance, taste and sound, as well as feelings of love, friendship and graciousness. What more could anyone want for a June wedding?
Services used: Wedding Venue