Jul 02, 2010

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Non Pro Pics photo 1Non Pro Pics photo 2

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                              We re Married photo 1

On July 2nd, I married my best friend :)  We had an AMAZING day and I feel so blessed God has given us this gift of love!

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Hair and Make Up Trial photo 1Hair and Make Up Trial photo 2

Hair and Make Up Trial photo 3Hair and Make Up Trial photo 4

Hair and Make Up Trial photo 5

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For my girls I worked with etsy vendor, Le Collezione, who helped me create these custom necklaces below.  My two matrons of honor will wear the double stranded necklace:

Bridal Party Gifts photo 1Bridal Party Gifts photo 2

The bridesmaid's one is the same, but only has one strand with the balls.  I found matching earring at

Bridal Party Gifts photo 3Bridal Party Gifts photo 4

I got them these pretty hair flowers from etsy to wear:

Bridal Party Gifts photo 5

and pins for their bouquets:

Bridal Party Gifts photo 6Bridal Party Gifts photo 7

Bridal Party Gifts photo 8Bridal Party Gifts photo 9

Personlized totes from that I will put their gifts in and then they can use later also.

Bridal Party Gifts photo 10Bridal Party Gifts photo 11Bridal Party Gifts photo 12

For the flower girl:

Bridal Party Gifts photo 13



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For the cake table, purchased from Hobby Lobby:

Cake Table photo 1Cake Table photo 2Cake Table photo 3Cake Table photo 4