Oct 24, 2010

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here is your brooch bracelet! : )


for msdl photo 1

for msdl photo 2

for msdl photo 3

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I've jumped right in--I now have a shop on etsy:

I am having a FLASH SALE on my brooch bracelets on my etsy store. 15% off for the next 24 hours only!!!! Sale starts at 6:30pm on Sunday, Dec 19 and ends Monday, Dec 20th at 6:30pm.

Please convo me on my etsy site and I will create a custom listing for you. Please make sure you mention "FLASH SALE" in the message!


Thanks and happy shopping!!!!!

I offer a 10% discount for PW Brides : ) Let me know if I can custom make something for you. I currently have earrings, hair flowers and fascinators, brooch bracelets, and other jewelry listed.






I have more listed on my etsy site, please check it out at

I have made brooch bracelets for various brides on PW, if you would like feedback from them, please PM me for more info and I will put you in contact with them! : )

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I have a pair of David's Bridal Paige shoes in size 10. They have been dyed Clover Green and have a 2 inch heel.


These shoes are normal $60, on sale for $50. I paid $50, but will sale for $40  $30 including shipping OBO (no low ballers, please). I have only tried these shoes on once and it was inside on carpet. Please let me know if you have any questions. PM me if you are interested.



I wore this for my bridals and for my wedding day! it is like brand new! I paid $149 for it plus tax. I am asking $125  $100 including shipping OBO (no low ballers, please)

here are a few pics!


let me know if you have questions--send a pm!



DIY chair signs. These are made from wooden shutters, gold ribbon, moss, and hand painted to say Bride and Groom:


I am asking for $40 for the set plus $10 shipping. I am giving a discount as posting it on PW. I will cross list these on my etsy site, but for $50 plus shipping. Once they sell, I will remove them from my bio! But they are awesome! I loved having these as a part of my wedding! : ) I hope someone else will enjoy them as much as I did!


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my dress is no longer a secret! i found her a david's bridal-she is a test dress to see if women love her, so you might not see her online or at your store! : )


the bride photo 6 the bride photo 7



the bride photo 8 the bride photo 9

the bustle:

the bride photo 10 the bride photo 12 

Bridals--taken 9/5/10


i made the bouquet, did my own hair and makeup too! : )





the shoes!

the bride photo 18 the bride photo 19

the bride photo 20 the bride photo 21

the veil

the bride photo 26

the hair

playing around

the bride photo 31 the bride photo 32 

I was so confused with my hair, but it was so easy to fix the way I wore it for my bridals, I decided to use the same hairstyle : ) and diy of course!


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First Thoughts:

our flower girls are our nieces. the oldest one (21 months) will wear the green dress and the youngest (6 months) will wear the brown dress. our sisters will wheel the girls in on a wagon! : )

the ladies photo 6the ladies photo 7

Actuality: they did not want to stay in their dresses lol



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martha stewart weddings v. my wedding

inspiration photo 6  

ring bowl from etsy-still debating this one... *update: so glad I decided to purchase, we put our rings in the bowl whenever we aren't wearing them! : )

inspiration photo 7




Rustic--mason jars, twine, linen, candles

Fall--white pumpkins, brown accessories, october

rustic stuff inspiration v. reality

inspiration photo 15 inspiration photo 16 

inspiration photo 19  


inspiration photo 17 inspiration photo 20 



^ the bird's eye view of our sweetheart table ^


fall inspiration v. reality

 inspiration photo 21 

inspiration photo 22