Nov 07, 2009

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All photography by Jerry Yoon Photography.

Ceremony photo 1   Ceremony photo 2   Ceremony photo 3

Ceremony photo 4   Ceremony photo 5

   Ceremony photo 6   Ceremony photo 7

Ceremony photo 8   Ceremony photo 9

Ceremony photo 10   Ceremony photo 11

Ceremony photo 12

Ceremony photo 13

Ceremony photo 14  Ceremony photo 15

Ceremony photo 16

Ceremony photo 17

Ceremony photo 18

Ceremony photo 19   Ceremony photo 20

Ceremony photo 21   Ceremony photo 22

Ceremony photo 23   Ceremony photo 24

Ceremony photo 25   Ceremony photo 26

Ceremony photo 27   Ceremony photo 28

Ceremony photo 29   Ceremony photo 30

Ceremony photo 31   Ceremony photo 32

Ceremony photo 33   Ceremony photo 34

Ceremony photo 35

Ceremony photo 36 

    Ceremony photo 37  Ceremony photo 38

Ceremony photo 39  Ceremony photo 40

Ceremony photo 41  Ceremony photo 42

Ceremony photo 43  Ceremony photo 44

Ceremony photo 45

Ceremony photo 46

Ceremony photo 47   Ceremony photo 48

Ceremony photo 49   Ceremony photo 50

   Ceremony photo 51

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All photography by Jerry Yoon Photography.

Groom Prep photo 1   Groom Prep photo 2 

Groom Prep photo 3   Groom Prep photo 4

Groom Prep photo 5  Groom Prep photo 6

Groom Prep photo 7  Groom Prep photo 8

At this point, I arrived, and everyone was all, "JOSH MUST NOT SEE THE BRIDE!" and the groomsmen shoved him into the corner, LOL!

Groom Prep photo 9

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All photography by Jerry Yoon Photography.

Bride Prep photo 1   Bride Prep photo 2

Bride Prep photo 3   Bride Prep photo 4   Bride Prep photo 5

  Bride Prep photo 6   Bride Prep photo 7 

Bride Prep photo 8   Bride Prep photo 9   Bride Prep photo 10

Bride Prep photo 11  Bride Prep photo 12  Bride Prep photo 13

Bride Prep photo 14  Bride Prep photo 15

Bride Prep photo 16  Bride Prep photo 17

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I got a photobook of our engagement photos printed from A and I Books. I had planned to use Blurb or Shutterfly as many brides have here on PW, but there was a Groupon for $20 for $60 worth in photobooks for A and I and I said, eh, why not? My Chinese mother would be so proud of me for using a coupon to get a photobook for twenty bucks. Their book creator was pretty easy to use to layout the photos and I'm very, very happy with what we got! I ordered an 8.5x11" landscape hardcover with 20 pages and it came out beautifully.

Engagement Photo Book photo 1  Engagement Photo Book photo 2  Engagement Photo Book photo 3

Engagement Photo Book photo 4  Engagement Photo Book photo 5  Engagement Photo Book photo 6

Engagement Photo Book photo 7  Engagement Photo Book photo 8  Engagement Photo Book photo 9

Engagement Photo Book photo 10  Engagement Photo Book photo 11  Engagement Photo Book photo 12

Engagement Photo Book photo 13  Engagement Photo Book photo 14  Engagement Photo Book photo 15

Engagement Photo Book photo 16  Engagement Photo Book photo 17  Engagement Photo Book photo 18

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Two days after the wedding, Josh and I left for our honeymoon in Maui! We spent six nights at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa and it was fantastic! We spent a ton of time lounging and doing absolutely nothing in cabanas on Ka'anapali Beach. We also got heavenly massages from their spa and drove around the entire island (here's a tip: drive a truck or jeep, not a sedan like us)! I would love to go back someday.

Honeymoon photo 1  Honeymoon photo 2  Honeymoon photo 3

   Honeymoon photo 4  Honeymoon photo 5  Honeymoon photo 6  Honeymoon photo 7 

     Honeymoon photo 8  Honeymoon photo 9  Honeymoon photo 10

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My MOH and I spent a lot of time surfing the web and saving pics to our computers of images we found inspiring. As we gathered them, we started seeing a recurring theme of whimsy and bright yet vintage palettes, paper and organic shapes. I apologize for not being sure where all of these come from, but I do know a good number of these come from the Oh Joy! blog. (If you know where we got these from, please feel free to inform me and I'll credit them right away!)

Overall Inspiration photo 1  Overall Inspiration photo 2  Overall Inspiration photo 3Overall Inspiration photo 4

Overall Inspiration photo 5Overall Inspiration photo 6Overall Inspiration photo 7

Overall Inspiration photo 8Overall Inspiration photo 9Overall Inspiration photo 10

Overall Inspiration photo 11  Overall Inspiration photo 12