Nov 07, 2009

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Since the wedding is in November, and I just plain like to knit, I decided to knit a shawl to go with my wedding dress to keep me warm. This is actually the second shawl I knit for my wedding! My first one, Ishbel, came out a little too small, so when I saw how beautiful Pax*knits's Purity came out for her friend’s wedding, I knew I had to make one for myself. I left off the second edging from the pattern.

Pattern: Purity from Rowan 43
Yarn: 2 balls Kidsilk Haze in Cream
Needles: US 9

DIY DIY DIY photo 1  DIY DIY DIY photo 2

DIY DIY DIY photo 3  DIY DIY DIY photo 4  


I also knit my garter. It's knit from the same yarn I used for my shawl. Since it's a teensy bit on the itchy side for my thigh, I may only wear it right before the garter toss. The pattern came from here.

DIY DIY DIY photo 5  DIY DIY DIY photo 6

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Cake Stand

My fiance is so wonderful! He took it all upon himself to build our cake stand, from concept to product! He used 2 16 in styrofoam wreaths as the base, glued them together, draped satin over, and pinned silk flowers and lace all around. It turned out so awesome!

DIY DIY DIY photo 9  DIY DIY DIY photo 10

DIY DIY DIY photo 11

And we he was done, he used our cat Skuz to help weight test it:

DIY DIY DIY photo 12  DIY DIY DIY photo 13


Seating Chart

Since we have so many guests, it just wasn't practical for us to do escort cards. Instead, I designed a 20"x16" seating chart. We're gonna get this printed out at FedEx/Kinkos and place it on an easel by the reception table.

DIY DIY DIY photo 14

Reception Programs

Josh draws comics, so we thought it'd be neat if he did one for the wedding. On the insides of our reception program, there's a two page comic about the story of us! I designed the cover and layout.

DIY DIY DIY photo 15

DIY DIY DIY photo 16  DIY DIY DIY photo 17

Card Box

We bought a photobox from The Container Store, cut a slot in the top, and modded it out with ribbons and silk flowers.

DIY DIY DIY photo 18

Ceremony Programs

My MOH designed this one. They are accordion-folded. We got them printed at Kinkos, fitting two on one 11x17 doublesided 80 lb. paper. I'm really happy with how they came out! The backside has a quote from Josh: "That one time we were under the trees and the breeze blew around us like we were one person, we called it a perfect moment."

DIY DIY DIY photo 19

DIY DIY DIY photo 20

DIY DIY DIY photo 21  DIY DIY DIY photo 22

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Table Numbers

MOH also designed these. Each number has a custom design and will rest on an unfinished easel. These origami flowers will be tied around each easel.

DIY DIY DIY photo 25  DIY DIY DIY photo 26

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I purchased 500 silk roses off eBay, clipped off the stems, and stuck them into styrofoam balls. I made 10 of them. These will hang every other chair row at the ceremony. :D I am getting many messages about these, so here's some details:

To yield 1 pomander at about 8" in diameter


  • 35 open silk roses (I bought mine from eBay:
  • 1 4" styrofoam balls (green ones work better if your roses aren't white, more camouflage) Wirecutter (or some tool that can cut through wire)
  • Ribbon of some sort
  • Styrofoam Glue or hot glue gun (the latter will probably work a bit better)

Wrap the ribbon around the styrofoam ball. Knot one side with a loop long enough so you can place it on a chair or pew. Clip the roses off the stems, leaving about 1/4" of stem left (enough to stick into the styrofoam). Open up the roses if they were flattened in transit, such as rubbing the flower on flat surface. Squeeze some glue onto the 1/4" of stem and stick the rose into the styrofoam ball. Repeat with additional roses spaced out about 1" from each stem. Enjoy your pretty pomander!

DIY Decorations photo 1  DIY Decorations photo 2

Manzanita Flower Tree

We got the manzanita branches from Ikebana Arts in San Jose, the pitcher from Marshalls, the silk flowers from eBay, and everything else from Jo-Ann. The talented Miss Cindy helped me make this a reality! That girl works black magic with a hot glue gun! Instead of using plaster of paris to secure the branches, we used styrofoam. This will be on the front table in the foyer at the ceremony and on the reception table.

DIY Decorations photo 3  DIY Decorations photo 4

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I had my hair and makeup trial with Thuy Loan a few weeks ago.

Hair Makeup and Jewelry photo 1  Hair Makeup and Jewelry photo 2  Hair Makeup and Jewelry photo 3  Hair Makeup and Jewelry photo 4

I was pretty happy with the result! The only thing I didn't like was that she went a little heavier defining my crease (or lack thereof), so I'm going to ask her to do something softer instead.

I'm going to see if she can do something similar to these, like a soft smokey eye:

     Hair Makeup and Jewelry photo 5 Hair Makeup and Jewelry photo 6

My flower hairpiece is Willamina by Twigs & Honey. My necklace and earrings are by Poési. The necklace is shown here in gold, but I ordered it in sterling silver.

Hair Makeup and Jewelry photo 7   Hair Makeup and Jewelry photo 8Hair Makeup and Jewelry photo 9


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Wedding Favors photo 1

Colored Pencils

We had a lot of fun with this part of the wedding planning. Originally, since Josh and I are both artists, we wanted to give everyone mini colored pencils as favors, but they were out of budget (200 guests and all). We did however, fall in love with the mini wood pencils from Beau-Coup and decided to buy a set per reception table (20 tables). Maybe the guests at each table will divide up the colors amongst themselves, or they'll just give it one person who really wants them.





We wanted to do more, and my MOH said that since Josh is an avid skateboarder, we'd like to share that side of him and I was able to find mini finger skateboards sold in bulk amounts at Joissu! Two of my brides, my mom, and I tied DIY tags I made with yarn around each skateboard. They read "Thanks for sharing this special day with us!" on the front, and "R + J 11.7.09" on the back!

Wedding Favors photo 2  Wedding Favors photo 3  Wedding Favors photo 4

Tea Bags

To represent me a little more, it's pretty well-known that I love tea, so I found some cute customizable tea bags off Beau-Coup. "Falling in Love" is appropriate for our fall wedding, don't you think? :D I went looking for orange ribbons to tie around them and only found them after going to three different stores!

Wedding Favors photo 5

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Save the Date Invitations photo 1

Serious Business

Since my sister and I are graphic designers, AND my future husband Josh is an art director, anything having to do with art and design in this wedding has been meticulously mulled over. This includes our save the dates and invitations. I decided to cut costs and go green for the save the dates by designing them in Photoshop and just e-mailing them out to our guests. Our wedding color palette consists of orange, light blue/green, and ivory. Josh did the cute illustration of us in the bottom left corner and the other whimsical ones.


For the invitations, I just knew that I HAD to have letterpress. A MUST. I salivate thinking of the texture, the indentations of each letter applied with loving force into the paper. ... Don't look at me like I'm crazy!! As you may know, letterpress is pretty pricey, but my fellow designer sister (and maid of honor) did some research and found an affordable company called Accucolor Plus in Chicago that does it with 10% off for wedding jobs. (I highly recommend them, by the way, if you want to design your invites and have them letterpressed. Gary was a breeze to work with and takes payment by PayPal.) So we fiddled about in Photoshop and Illustrator until we came up with something we liked and ended up ordering 125 invitations and reply cards. The invitations are 2 color and the reply cards are 1 color, which came up to just under $500 total.

Here's a photo of my slave labor crew that helped assemble invites: Tiffany, bridesmaid; Amy, maid of honor; and Josh, my fiance.

Save the Date Invitations photo 2  Save the Date Invitations photo 3  Save the Date Invitations photo 4

So many invitations! We had a little fun with the reply cards and asked our guests to recommend a song we can all dance to at the reception.

Save the Date Invitations photo 5 Save the Date Invitations photo 6Save the Date Invitations photo 7 Save the Date Invitations photo 8

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Because we're doing this thing in November, and we don't want to be in a church, through some research we found a gem of building in Palo Alto: The Woman's Club.

The Venues photo 1 The Venues photo 2

The florist is going to make an archway out of the three center, lower windows by tying kiwi vine and flowers around them. We plan on hanging tulle from light to light.

I did some mockups of how we're thinking of hanging the tulle. Not sure which we'll go with yet!

The Venues photo 3 The Venues photo 4 The Venues photo 5

For the reception, we'll be having a Chinese banquet at Ming's. Here's a photo that my sister's friend took at another wedding held there. Our chair covers will be ivory paired with ivory organza sashes.

The Venues photo 6