Apr 10, 2010

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Our day was great there were few glitches but overall it was amazing and I'm happily married to the man of my dreams. The week leading up to the wedding was crazy, hectic, and stressful. As many of you know we had a financial crisis 5 days before the wedding that caused my account to overdraw by over $600 here's the link... Thanks to my father everything came together and he helped us out tremendously from paying for my linens to giving us extra money to paying for a stting up the main course for the rd while my mother graciously opened her home to 40 people. My sister in her usual fashion didn't have her bm dress until the night before the wedding when my mom had to go buy it for her ugh...I told my mom not to worry about it she just wouldn't be in it my mother got upset with me. Oh well, what are you gong to do my sister is 29 more than capable of taking care of herself.

The morning of the wedding was great after staying up until 2:30 and finishing last minute DIY's with my moh and one of my bm's we went to sleep and woke the next morning at 7:00 when my amazing friend Johnna came to start our hair. I thank God for her since we could not afford a hairdresser when my account got screwed up and honestly she did better than the two pros I went to did. The morning was very relaxed we enjoyed a delicious continental breakfast at the venue then headed back up to the room to begin getting ready...btw ladies I DO NOT reccommend eggs the morning of not so good on the stomach. Anyways...Johnna started on my hair first then once she finished moved onto my MOH's. By then DH was already there getting pics taken and my moh and I accidently stumbled upon them however I blocked my view of him so I wouldn't see him until the first look. At 10:00 the photog came to our room to take getting ready shots and that's when things got hectic. In her usual fashion my sister showed up and rocked the boat we went from relaxed to frazzled very quickly. My mother was supposed to meet us at the venue at 9:30 to get ready with us but becaus of my sister and her "needs" (more like demands) my poor mother showed up late only to have to leave again when AF came for my sister. By the time she got back from the store it was time for our first look so it was literally a hi and bye situation. As I was waiting to see my dh my cousin came to let me know that my mom was upset she hadn't gotten to see me or help me get dressed so I requsted a few minutes before the ceremony with my mom, photog, and I so we could get a few pro pics togther. She seemd to feel better about that but was still upset that once again my sister interfered with her plans.

by the time we got the first look we were running almost 45 minutes behind since it took over 30 minutes to do the bustle because the seamstress made the button loops the exact same color as the dress and with an all lace train it blended in perfectly so ladies with a lace train request different color loops. The first look was amazing!!! I highly reccommend it to anyone who's on the fence about it. It was the only time during the whole wedding we got to be alone all dressed up. DH almost cried and I just about lost it. The one downside was that there weren't very many private places for one and people kept trying to approach us so I had to run and hide each time so guests wouldn't see me before the ceremony.

The ceremony started about 15 minutes late but that's ok because it didn't take quite as long as I was expecting it to. Walking down the aisle to my future was amazing and I still can't believe I didn't start bawling right then and there. Our officiant was amazing and injected just enough humor and personality into our ceremony that made it so perfect and personal to us. She definitely had our guests chuckling a few times. The coolest part was when she decided to inject a jewish tradition into the exchange of rings by having us place our wedding bands on eachother's ring finger since it's the finger closest to the heart(our officiant is also a Jewish cantor but a very good friend of my mom's). I had to stop in the middle of my vows to gather myself I was so happy I almost cried. After that the ceremony was over and it was onto the party! Our photog got us through our pics in the time we requested and everyone loved our pick for the entrance song. I never though I would get so emotional over dancing with my dad and in fact almost skipped that part but I'm so glad I did it because even if he's not always there emotionally he's there no matter what whenever I need him. The day went by way too quick and other than a little glitch with the timing of the start of "lunch" it went great and ended way too soon. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better day and the best part was that we both actually got to eat and enjoy our food.

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After a disappointing makeup trial I decided to do it myself. It's still a work in progress but I already like it better than what the "artist" did. I'm going to darken the eye up a little a get a lighter lipcolor I had no clue the color would be as deep as it is.

DIY Makeup photo 1 DIY Makeup photo 2

DIY Makeup photo 3

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Hair Trial photo 1 Hair Trial photo 2 Hair Trial photo 3

Hair Trial photo 4

I like it but I want something a little simpler than what she gave me. Maybe something more like this...

Hair Trial photo 5 or Hair Trial photo 6 minus the tiara

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I am so blessed to have such amazing women in my life and they proved that to me once again for my bridal shower. My MOH and Aunt went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. The food was delicious, company was wonderful, and as my sister said "I made out like a bandit."

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