Apr 10, 2010

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Chris finally popped the question.

It all started when we made plans to take the ferry from Boston to Provincetown, MA in the Cape. Unfortunately due to a personal tragedy back home our plans to go out there were put on hold so I could fly home. I was so upset with all that had transpired he told me we could go to Portland, Maine instead since it was closer to home and I'd been begging him to take me. The night before Chris decided to go up to Topsham about 20 minutes from Portland with some of his buddies and stay at a hotel since he had to be up there by 6:30 the next morning. That whole afternoon before he left he kept telling me to charge the camera, that immediately made me suspicious since we're horrible about taking pictures. So, the day we'd planned on rolled around and after waking up early and taking extra time to get ready I started out for the hour and a half drive to Portland.

Well, as luck would have it about 10 minutes down the road I remembered I had a doctor's appointment. So I turned around a went to my appointment. On try #2 I got about 20 minutes down the road when I realized I was out of gas. Not sure of where I was I got off at the closest exit and spent 20 minutes getting lost before I found a gas station. Once I was back on the road Chris called wondering where I was and when I told him he told me to meet him halfway since he didn't want to wait around outside for me. I got about 30 miles from my destination when out of the blue I realized I had left the straightener on and it was on the floor. Once again, I called Chris(this time in tears) and told him I had to go home I left the straightener on. He told me it was ok we would go another time. I turned around and went home really upset because I was sure that was going to be the day he was going to ask and I had just screwed it all up. Go figure, I got home and I had in fact turned the straightener off. I was so upset by the time Chris got home I barely even wanted to talk. I just knew I had blown it that day. I fell asleep on the couch to sleep my disappointment off.

An hour later I woke up still disapointed but feeling a little bit better than I had. Chris saw that I was awake and came over to lay on the couch with me, as were laying there he slipped his arm underneath my head and placed the ring just barely in my line of sight. Confused, I took whatever was in his hand and realized it was the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen.

After a comedy of errors photo 1

I looked at chris and hugged him and all I could say was "really? really?" He said yes and asked me "will you?" I asked him back "will I what?" and he asked "will you marry me?" Of course I said yes. After all was said and done Chris told me he was planning on proposing in Portland I told him he still could have and he said "no I didn't want to wait". Then later on that same weekend I found out my cousin got engaged as well so double the fun for me with two weddings this season!


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Ok, so now that we've gotten some of the formalities out of the way let me introduce everyone to my wonderful, loving "kids"

My kids photo 1     My kids photo 2

Saydee                                                                  Lucky "three-legged wonder dog"

My kids photo 3My kids photo 4


My kids photo 5My kids photo 6


My kids photo 7My kids photo 8

My kids photo 9My kids photo 10

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 Hair photo 1    Hair photo 2

   Hair photo 3

Hair photo 4I saw this pic on missgibbs hair inspiration board and I loved it.

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I've been so blessed throughout this planning process. I've happened upon great deals that have allowed me to achieve my dream wedding without breaking my budget. I was worried about finding the perfect dress for as little money as possible since my mom wanted to gift it to me but is currently unemployed. I didn't want her to worry about how she's going to pay bills and buy a dress so I set a limit at under $1000.00 and prayed I'd find the perfect dress. As I said I've been very blessed and the blessing have continued to multiply. I was scheduled to fly down to Florida to go wedding dress shopping and do other things for my wedding on Novemeber 8th. Well, the Tuesday before FI got an e-mail stating that the owner of a bridal shop in Massachussetts was giving away 100 free gowns to the FI's of men in the military who have been or are currently deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq as well as brides in the military themselves.  I was supposed to work the day of the event but at the urging of my bm's, mom, and FI I was able to secure the time off to go. Everything just fell into pplace. I was first in line and first through the doors and the first dress I tried on was the one. I believe it was more than coincedence that two days before I was supposed to fly home to buy a dress this all happened and feel so blessed to have had this opportunity. I don't know the designer but here she is!

My dress before weight loss and fittings

Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 1Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 2

and now 10lbs and 3 fittings later...

Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 3 Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 4 

Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 5 Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 6

Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 7

Sorry about the picture quality they were taken on my phone

My Shoes! Something blue #1

Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 8


Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 9

The promise ring he gave me on our first Valentine's day.

My aunt offered to make my wedding jewelry and since she's so talented I took her up on the offer. I'm so ecited to see it a finished and paire with my dress! She's using fresh water pearls and swarovski crystals.

Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 10


Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 11 Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 12

Reversible bracelet

Dressed to the nines from head to toe photo 13









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My FI and I met a few years ago through a friend of mine who's husband was stationed in Iraq with him. The first time I met him he was so shy and quiet that I wasn't sure of what to think there was definitely something there but getting him to talk required a crowbar. Unfortunately, about a month after we met he was once again deployed to Iraq. Due to unfortunate events in my personal life we lost touch for much of his deployment but right after he got back he contacted me through myspace, I gave him my number and that night he called me and we talked for 10 hours straight. I knew then that he was the one I was meant to be with. 

The first year of our relationship was long distance since I lived in Florida and he was stationed in North Carolina. That was one of the hardest things I have had to do but we worked hard and he drove 6 hours every other weekend to see me. We just recently moved to New Hampshire and live in a great place with our two dogs and two cats.  Right now, he is serving the rest of his time recruiting for the Army while I spend my days working as a veterinary nurse and finishing my degree.