May 30, 2009

Virtuous Events by Tasha Raylene
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I don't think I have enough words or time to describe how AMAZING a job the Staff of Virtuous Events did with my wedding. I had never even planned on getting Wedding Coordinators but after many, many, issues Tasha and Lauren fell into my lap and my wedding planning finally became fun!! When I first spoke with them I had been looking for a Caterer for 5+ months (no lie & not exaggerated) and could not find a QUALITY Cater for my wedding at The Aquatorium in Miller Beach Indiana within my budget. After speaking with Tasha she had a Caterer, Bid, and Menu to me within about 48 Hours and a meeting set up for 3 days later. She hit the nail on the head with what we wanted (Fresh, Upscale Grill Items with an emphasis for quality) and she provided a Caterer who was happy to do what we wanted and was excited about it! From there they listened to all my requests, concerns, needs, etc. They always were receptive to what I wanted and didn't take over the project but they did do ALL THE LEG WORK!! They had wonderful suggestions and did everything to make sure we were 100% on Budget throughout the whole process. They were also my floral crew and my bouquet alone was and is the highlight of all of my photos because it was simply GORGEOUS! I sent 5 or 6 photos to Tasha of Flowers and Bouquets I liked and she patched it all together to make something more pretty than I could have ever expected. Also, my husband is VERY pickyand the ladies knew this, so to ensure his happiness they made TWO Boutonnieres so the day of our wedding he would have a choice!! It was such a nice touch and I know he really appreciated it, because it is not always about the bride and the ladies knew that! The whole process was amazing with them but the most important was the day of the wedding and I did NOT have a worry in my mind that everything would be executed to PERFECTION. The ladies busted butt and I never thought the venue could ever look SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! It has been a month since my wedding and I am still getting emails saying how beautiful everything turned out and that in no way did anyone feel like they were in Gary, Indiana. To be completely honest, never did I ever expect my wedding to be so organized and impressive, and there is NO WAY I could have done it without Virtuous Events. They went above and beyond and gave me more than I thought my budget could ever do. I really think I owe them for making my special day so memorable for my husband & I, and our family and friends. My husband and I are true believers in Custom Service and we dont think there is a high enough rating for Virtuous Events and the staff they had with them the day of our wedding when it comes to what they did for us! Lets just say I cant wait to get pregnant so I can have them plan my Baby Shower!!
Services used: Favors & Gifts, Invitations, Wedding Planning