May 13, 2010

jen k floral design
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
As previously discussed with Jen, I dropped off some ribbon and my "something borrowed" the day before the wedding, to have her incorporate both into my bouquet. On the day of the wedding when my bouquet was picked up, neither were on it!! I was VERY upset about the "something borrowed" being missing (after all, I was just BORROWING it!) and a bit disappointed that my blue ribbon wasn't wrapped around the stems since it matched my shoes and DH's tie PERFECTLY. DH and I both called and spoke with the girls at the shop, and no one knew what we were talking about! {panic} Finally after several calls, they figured out what was going on and sent someone to meet me at our ceremony site to fix the issues. Once the problems were fixed I was thrilled with my bouquet, it looked, and SMELLED wonderful :) My complaint would just be that DH and I had to make multiple calls to get the problem resolved - not something that we should have had to deal with an hour or so before our wedding. I am super happy with the fact that they were professional enough to fix their mistake, and in the end my bouquet turned out the way that I had wanted it.

I was a little disappointed that the corsage that I got for the mother's weren't quite right. I wanted a single phalaenopsis orchid for each but ended up with corsages with some dendrobium orchids instead. Again, not a HUGE deal but I had my heart set on my inspiration picture which featured the single phalaenopsis. As a plus, Jen did include a few extra orchids which I was able to put in my hair.
Services used: Flowers

Nicole DeAnne
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Nicole did an amazing job on both my hair and makeup. She captured my inspirations perfectly! Both my hair and makeup lasted ALL DAY! She also did my mother and mother-in-law's hair and makeup. They were both pretty indecisive about their wedding day looks, but Nicole did a fantastic job making them look absolutely stunning without looking too made-up. I loved the fact that she does amazing hair AND makeup...I would totally recommend her to ANY bride in SoCal.
Services used: Beauty & Health

( 4.8 / 5.0 )
OMG, the cakes were absolutely delicious!! The sugar flowers weren't exactly what I was going for based on my inspiration (I wanted something closer to peonies, but got roses)...but I can't complain too much since they were so beautiful!
Services used: Wedding Cake