May 16, 2009

DJ Barry Productions
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Not recommended. Barry hired a different DJ (James Cauble). Very nice man; however, does not know music well and has very old equipment. He forgot our order of events, so we were constantly bothered by what to do next. He burned our request list onto CDs and proceeded to play them in alphabetical order (Beyonce, Beyonce, Britney, Britney). When I asked to mix it up he asked "is there a problem?" he had a very poor gauge of volume control and did not use any of the tools to level out the mix of the music (bass, etc). It was very quiet for some songs, very loud for others, had to ask him to turn it up, etc. He did not know any modern songs - when asked to bring "Boom Boom Pow" (the #1 download on itunes at the time) he brought a strange mix version he had downloaded from Limewire. He followed slow songs by rap (way to get the old folks moving off the floor!). When I told Barry about the poor service, Barry indicated "I've never had a problem with him before" and clearly did not care about our very bad experience. (Literally everyone at the wedding was talking about how bad it was). If you are looking for Oldies or possibly Country only, you would probably be ok here, but otherwise, look elsewhere!
Services used: Unique Services

Valerie Foley Photography
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
Our photos were not near as good as I expected based on what is featured on the website. Many of the pictures my friends took with their point & shoot cameras were better. Many of the pictures were washed out. Additionally, the policy of VF Digital Photography is only to show you a select set of the pictures they've taken (~100). Unfortunately, these were not all the "best" pictures (friends eyes closed in one, not smiling in another) and did not cover all the important events of the night. I asked for more pictures to be posted to their website to review and they did, but when I asked for a few more (specific pictures), I got a few bad pictures and was told "if you'd like to see the rest, you can pay $500 for the rights." Overall the pictures are fine, but you could get the same quality (and the rights to your pictures) for much less.
Services used: Photography