Oct 24, 2009

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Landon & I are not going to do favors. We are going to do something that we think will mean more.

Our son, Jax, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when he was 8 days old. CF is a horrible genetic disease that affects thousands of children & adults. The life expectancy for a CF patient is 35 years. Because of the generosity of people donating, research is VERY close to finding a cure.

I am a HUGE advocate for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.Instead of favors, we are going to make a donation to the CF Foundation in Jax's name.

I have not decided on how to PRESENT the information yet, though.

I could put a card in a frame on each table:

Favors photo 1


Or I could print out the cards & place them @ each seating:

Favors photo 2

Favors photo 3


OR I could print out a card & attach the purple CF ribbon for everyone:

Favors photo 4

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Since the BM dresses will be Eggplant, I assume the invitations should match them SOMEWHAT. I don't have offical wedding colors. I am going strictly by MY TASTE.

Which makes for a lot of randomness.


Here are some invite ideas that I am looking @. We have a plan in the works. I will take a picture when they are done.

Invites photo 1

Invites photo 2

Invites photo 3

Invites photo 4

Invites photo 5

Invites photo 6

Invites photo 7


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Hair makeup photo 1Hair makeup photo 2

Hair makeup photo 3Hair makeup photo 4

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Reserved seats for the bride & groom:

The Reception photo 1

Guestbook (Snapfish.com):

The Reception photo 2

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Down the aisle.....

Ceremony photo 1

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My inspiration photo 1

My inspiration photo 2