Feb 06, 2008

Romano's Jewelers (Glendale)
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!! Any jeweler with a NO RETURN POLICY should be avoided. I bought a ring for my girlfriend before christmas and once we brought it in to be sized it came back completely TARNISHED. We brought it back and they said they would fix it, but when it came back TWO WEEKS LATER ithe tarnish was gone but they completely scratched the entire surface of the ring...and they obviously didnt look at it before giving it back to me, otherwise why would they give a customer damaged product? Maybe they did look at it and didnt care. Anyway, I told them to order me a new ring and they said they would, but ANOTHER TWO WEEKS LATER when I went back to pick it up they gave me back the EXACT SAME RING, scratches and all. I demanded my money back and they refused. They asked me for another chance to order a new ring and they offered me the option of selecting a different ring. I was not about to accept any more product from this third-rate outfit so I contacted VISA who said that my purchase protection would get me my money back. Not until I spoke with Romanos corporate office and threatened them with having to deal with VISA did they agree to give me my money back. DO NOT SHOP HERE. They will act nice when you're in the store, but once they swipe your credit card you're screwed. You're MUCH better off paying 10%-30% more at a competitor who will take care of you when something goes wrong. I just got a different piece from Ben Bridge and am so happy that this is all over with...
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