Jun 19, 2010

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I have looked at several different flowers and I have picked about three different flowers that I think will look beautiful!

Hydrangeas, roses, and calas.

We will also be arranging our own flowers and I think all of these flowers will be relatively easy to work with.

I found a website that I think will come in handy when we are attempting to arrange our own flowers:

Here is a photo of a boquet that I found that is pretty close to what I want.


The Flowers photo 1The Flowers photo 2

For my bridesmaids, I think the right woudl be pretty. It would just be a smaller version of my bouquet. Maybe my bouquet could have some calas in it as well and the bridesmaides would have roses and hydrangeas.  

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Our wedding colors will be Purple, Black, and Silver-Andrew's idea!

We found some invitations that I think will be beautiful as well as cheap. I found them at Micheals and we are buying them now and using the 50% off coupon that was in the paper.

I'm excited! One step closer to getting everything we need.

These are by Gartner Studios. The back in handmade paper with purple, crushed petals in the paper. They come with envelopes and response cards! .The top has velum with ribbon attached.

We will more thank likely change the color of the ribbon to either purple and silver or black and silver.

Invitations photo 1


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My mom asked me today if I would like to wear her veil! I am very excited about being able to wear her veil at our wedding. She has always had it laying under a picture of her and my dad and I don't know how many times I've "tried" it on when I was little.


We went to the fabric store today to pick out some lace to put along the side of it so as to update it. The we just got 1/8 of yard of some lace that I liked and I'm so excited! We took it home and it looks beautiful. The store is having a big sale here in a few days and the lace will be 40% off so I will go back then and buy a full string of it to sew onto the veilVeil photo 1Here is the lace that I picked out. I think all we'll need to do is do one small line on stitching along the end of the veil.


My mom and I are both excited about wearing her veil...after all she has been married to my dad for 30 years!

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brides maids dresses photo 1brides maids dresses photo 2brides maids dresses photo 3brides maids dresses photo 4



I would like to pick dresses that would look beautiful on all of my girls. That is why I originally picked black, but I think this purple will look beautiful as well. I'm already finding lots of dresses that I think will look great on my girls!


July 11

After some thinking about the bridesmaid dresses, I am thinking about black dresses and the girls can carry white roses with some purple flower mixed in.  I'm finding that matching the purple to other elements of the wedding to be difficult! 

I've also decided to have the dresses made by a family friend to cut down on prices as well. I think I will be able to find a pattern similar to the dresses shown above. I'm excited to start looking for a pattern!


September 13

My maid of Honor and I have picked out a bridesmaid dress. It is black and she look beautiful! We got it at Dillards for an awesome price. The dress is just has I had hoped.

I had an idea of what I wanted and we found a great dress!brides maids dresses photo 5

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We have decided on the location. We will be getting married in Andover, KS at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church. 


The church also has a reception hall. We have yet to book the reception hall but we are pretty certain this is where we are having our reception and our wedding.


The Reception Hall photo 1

more photos of the reception hall. So perfect!!

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Hello everyone!

I have officially bought my dress! Yay! I went to several places before I found THE dress.



The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2


It was absolutely gorgeous! The one I tried on was champagne so I will be ordering Ivory.

We went to Simplistic Bride- a bridal shop in Derby KS. All of their dresses were beautiful, we had good help, and the the price points on the dresses were fabulous.