Apr 17, 2010

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I think they will be:

Colors photo 1


The darkest red will be in the reception room. The Bridesmaids dresses will be Crocus (left) and then the flowers will be the colors in between. 80% settled on this idea!

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Once I finalize my colors, I'll be able to pick between these two:


Bridesmaid Dresses photo 1Bridesmaid Dresses photo 2

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Stanford Memorial Church

After visiting many venues around the bay area (Fogarty winery, Crystal Springs, Legion of Honor, Hakone Gardens, just a name a few) we settled on our Alma Mater where we first met in undergrad. I'd initially been very against a Memchu wedding - they only give you 2.5 hours for the ceremony, hold up to 4 weddings a day (11, 1, 3, 5 pm), and have a ton of rules. However, the church is amazingly beautiful, it's full of significance for us, and the location didn't require too much travel. We're very happy with our final decision. We're going for the earliest time and having a lunch afterwards.

Our progress so far photo 1

Our progress so far photo 2



The Village Pub

The FI is a HUGE foodie, so he became extremely attached to the idea of hosting our reception at a Michelin starred restaraunt. We'd initially checked out TaiPan, the nicest Chinese restaurant in the area (in our opinion). However, we went in to speak with the manager 3x and were repeatedly promised a quote  which we never received. We figured that this did not bode well for the service on our actual wedding date, so finally gave up and found an even nicer place :) We'll just work some Chinese elements into the wedding in another way. My parents have never been to a traditional Chinese wedding (the cultural revolution took that away from their generation) and don't particularly want us to have any elements. It's nice to be so free to have whatever we want!

Our progress so far photo 3

I want to keep the linens and the chairs that are already in the restaurant, so I'm currently working with a florist to figure out what colors will work best in this space. It'll be set up with 10-12 round tables, depending on our final head count.


Singapore Dinner:

The FI is from Singapore, so we're trekking over there to hold a dinner for all his friends that couldn't fly overseas, after the main festivities here. He's planning most of this. I want something a bit more casual, but am thinking about decorations etc. too. I don't want to plan 2 whole receptions though!



The Dress:

Mori Lee

This was the...12th dress I tried? I fell in love with it immediately, slept on it overnight and went back to get it the next day, even though it was 11 months from my actual wedding date. The store sample was in great condition and fit really well, so I'm hoping that I won't need any alterations except a bustle. It's one of those lace up backs (I've always loooved that look), so it'll be adjustable if the weight-loss/toning plan goes well (hopefully....haha). I definitely will try and keep my wedding dress on for as long as I can. I only get 1 day in my entire life to wear it, so I want to spend as much time in it as possible! However, when I tried it own at home it got pretty heavy after a while...and there are 5+ layers to it! So if it's not too hot, I'm going to stay in it, if it is though...I'm still looking for a backup dress to change into for the reception :)

Our progress so far photo 4



I found these perfect red shoes that I LOVE. I just happened upon them at a Marshall's of all places. Super deal, only $17!!! I'm going to wear a red dress to the Singapore dinner, so my thought is that I'm definitely going to wear these shoes with that dress. I haven't 100% decided on if I'm wearing for my ceremony yet, mostly because the heel is higher than I'm used to wearing and I want to be comfortable.

Our progress so far photo 5



We're going to get them soon! They're by Meri Meri and we found them at a local store called Paperwhirl. The owner was very helpful and patient. Highly recommended! I love how the knot makes the invite quite Chinese, but it's not completely traditional.

Our progress so far photo 6


Other Stationary:

I took some inspiration from one of the articles on PW and created my own stamp with a picture we'd had taken during one of our meetings with a photographer. I'm adding our names underneath in the stamp. I'm hoping to use it for favor tags, the favors themselves, and our Thank You cards. I also bought a customized embosser for the invitations.

Our progress so far photo 7



I bought a custom stencil maker and glass etching cream, in an attempt to make personalized champagne glasses with the above picture, our names, and our date. I don't think it's all going to fit on the glass and look smooth (I tried many times) but I can manage just the image and the names I think. It's a big project, tons of room for disaster, but I hope it comes out well!!!


Here's a picture of the best test run I've done. I haven't tried getting the names on it nicely yet...Our progress so far photo 8


One of my good friends from college is a budding baker, so we're going to have her make my cake! I wanted to use fresh flowers to decorate it, with this being the inspiration:

Our progress so far photo 9