Apr 17, 2010

( 2.0 / 5.0 )
I'd initially set up a meeting with Christine back in June after reading some positive reviews about her here on PW. We spent 2 hours going through the different kinds of flowers I might need with what she thought might be the cost. I found her to be nice and informative at that point, although the pace of the meeting could have been a bit more efficient. It was my first conversation with a florist however, and I didn't know what kinds of questions to ask at that point. She then promised to get me a quote over the weekend, so I was expecting something in the next week. However, I did not hear back from her for the whole week. I then followed up and asked her about the quote, with her response being that she would get it to me in another week. A week passed and I contacted her again, she said she was at a conference and forgot my materials. Ok, at this point I am slightly annoyed, but she promised me the quote when she got back. That date passed again and on my third attempt to contact her, she informs me that they're booked solid for this year (my wedding is not until 2010 though, which didn't make sense), and that she could no longer do my wedding!!! I asked her for a scan of the worksheet we'd filled out together on our initial meeting, so that I could have a reference for future meetings of what kinds of items I want, the least she could do I felt. No response there. I was severely disappointed in how long she let this drag on and the lack of professionalism.
Services used: Flowers