Jul 24, 2010

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IN NO PARTICULER ORDER (i may have left something off):

letters to tack intothe tree (our initials w/ flowers)
memorials candles
wedding programs
possible wedding timeline (detalied)
lables for favor boxes (w/ monogram)
favor boxes
mini-wedding cakes
monogram cake topper
menu cards (w/ knife/fork/spoon punch)
reserved seating cards
aisle runner (w/ monogram)
broom (to jump)
bell (to ring)
out-of-town boxes (possible: to welcome out of towners)
music selection
rehearsal email
rehearsal invites
escort cards
pomander balls (to line the aisle)
pinwheels (possibly to line aisle from the museum)
"yay" flags (for guest to waive instead of throwing rice)
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Calvin Klein Light Gray Tuxedo w/ a fuschia tie & the groomsmen will be wearing the same tuxedo, BUT, they will have gray ties.  The best man (my 13yr old will), will be dressed exactily like his father.

My jr. groomsman (my 5yr old godson) will have on a cream colored tuxedo with the matching tie & the ringbearer (my 2yr old) will have on a cream colored tuxedo with the a fuschia tie (like his dad & his brother).

 Boys 5 Button White Suit by BJK Collections

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My engagement ring:

 2ct TW Radiant Cut Three-Diamond Ring

My wedding band:

 1/2ct TW Contour Diamond Ring

His wedding band:

 1/2ct TW Men's Diamond Ring

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The ceremony & reception will be held at: The Billingley House Museum in Upper Marlboro, MD.  We are having an outside ceremony & a tented reception.


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Here is "MY" dress before it was mine (the sample in the store):

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We were going to St. Kitts for vacation on 6/23 (Tuesday) & returning on 6/27/09 (Saturday), we went from BWI to MIA & when we arrived at MIA we were informed that our flight to SKB (St. Kitts) was cancelled due to weather, BUT, they can put us on other flights.  They told us they were unable to fly us from MIA to JFK because they did not have 2 seats available (even though after we disconnected the call 5 other passengers were booked on the flight we were trying to get on). 

The young lady said they can book us on confirm us on a flight out to SKB on Thursday & we can try to fly standby on Wednesday, we were like if that is all that is available themn we'll take it.  So they sent us to San Juan, Puerto Rico (we flew from BWI to MIA to SJU).  We arrived at SJU we went to the customer service desk to find out what gate the flight was departing out of on Wednesday so we could arrive early to get on the standby list.  

We were there approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours & the customer service agent stated, "our standby list is closed & we can't fly you out to SKB until Saturday."  I was no more good I just broke down crying, like a little baby!!!  My fiance' then informed her that we were told something completely different & there was no way that we would have come all the way to SJU w/o any plans or flights set in stone.  The customer service agent then wanted to direct her conversation to me & he informed her that she needed to speak to him & that I needed to go & get myself together (please keep in mind that we have now paid for rooms in St. Kitts & in San Juan, Puerto Rico).  The customer service agent then comes to us & states, "i have booked you two on a filght from SJU to JFK tonite & then flying from JFK to SKB in the morning & my fiance' then requested that we be confirmed to JFK & then to SKB w/ tickets in our hands...DONE!!!

Okay, to make a long story short: we arrived in SKB on Wednesday w/ no luggage, we had to purchase clothes (they were way expensive & too small, but we had to buy them anyway). Thursday morning (10am) my fiance' suitcase arrived (his & only his) so he went & changed his clothes & he gave me a pair of his shorts from home to put on (so he's walking around looking like a million bucks & i'm looking (or more so feeling) like a bum).  At this point it's about 7pm & he's like what do you want to do & I told him I am ready to go home.  So we went out to eat & I felt better.  I turned to him & said, "man, we have been thru everything together, we have these 2 boys & we are now joined @ the hip, I love you & we are too far in to leave" & he said, ok remember that." That evening around 10pm my suitcase arrived, YIPEE!!!

Friday morning I had my own clothes on & I was feeling like a million bucks. We ate breakfast & went to the beach.  We went to the hotel to change our clothes & he asked me, "what were you saying yeasterday?" & I said, "I don't know," he said, "so were you just talking just to be talking?," & I said, "refresh my memory," he then said, "you said something about you love me & it's too late to go anywhere."  I said, "oh yeah, I love you, you love me (not in the tune of the Barney song...LOL) & we are joined at the hip & it's too late for either of us to leave," he said, "ok then will you marry me? (& whipped out a ring)" I said, "what is that? what is that? are you serious? as tears were rolling down my face (tears of joy), he waived the ring & said, "HELLO!!!" I said YES, YES!!!!!!! (that was 06/26/2009).  LET THE PLANNING BEGIN...........