Jun 25, 2010

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Well, I was not one who wanted a videographer, but my mom INSISTED!! I searched high and low for a non cheesy videographer (ie...one that does not interview my guests or does the whole fade in/out thing. Not my cup of tea...) and was beyond sold when I came across James from Burkart Studios. I watched one of his highlight videos and was in tears people. Now, I am not an emotional person and have never cried at a wedding, so to be moved that much by watching a 10 minute wedding video of a total stranger is saying something!! I hired him asap and could not be happier!!

Here is a link to our wedding video. We did a Persian/Western ceremony, so if you are Persian and marrying a non Persian, this may help you with your planning. My DH and I arent religious, so omitted many of the traditions that you would find in an aghd ceremony. Also, I didnt want the ceremony to be too long so we chose to only do a few things that had special meaning to us. The video is about 40 mins long, so here is a breakdown of the thing so you can fast forward or skip parts...

0-5 mins: Pre ceremony, first look

5- 25 mins: Ceremony

25-30 mins: Cocktail and reception

30-40 mins: dancing


**Here is my spiel about videographers and whether you should get one or not...I didnt want one at first and even after the wedding I wasn't super excited about seeing it. If we didnt get a video of the wedding, I dont think I would have been super sad about it. However, one of my very amazing and loving and most favorite uncles passed away tragically about 5 months after the wedding. The last time I and many of my family members got to see him and be with him was on our wedding day. Our videographer caught him on tape many times and included him throughout our video without me even asking him too. This video is now priceless as it captured me dancing with him for the last time, shows our entire family together and happy for the last time and shows us just how short life can be. Its something I will cherish forever. Life is very unpredictable, so if you can capture it on video, DO IT!! You will not regret it.

That is all. I am now stepping down from my soap box. Thank you for your time!

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So what I love best about this site is the advice I received from all the brides. It was so helpful to hear what worked, what didn't, what was a MUST and what could be done with out. I'm making a list here of things that I have learned through out the planning process and will be updating it as I go along. Hope this helps!!

  • Start planning early!!! I had a little over a year to plan and have not felt over whelmed or annoyed at all. I have actually truly enjoyed all the planning (except for some rsvp issues, but that can NEVER be avoided!!). Start early an enjoy the process. This is a once in a life time event, so do all the details that you want and allow time to complete them.
  • Trust your instincts and be decisive! If you like a venue, book it and don't go and see 3,000 other ones. There will always be something bigger and better, but if you love something STOP LOOKING!!!
  • NUMBER YOUR RSVP's!! This was by far the best thing I could have done. I put a small number in the corner of all my rsvp's that corresponded to a certain guest. I received NUMEROUS rsvp's with out the name written on it or that were illegible. DO THIS!!!
  • This is your and your FI's wedding, so do what you want. We aren't having a bouquet toss, a garter toss, a grand entrance and speeches. I have heard a million times "You aren't doing that?!?! You HAVE too. Its tradition!". BS. Its not my tradition, so Im not doing it! Stand your ground!!

Post-Wedding Words of Wisdom:

  • Try and get as much as you can done the week before your wedding week. DH and I had only a few projects left that week and packing up all our stuffs and it was great. We were able to relax the day before the rehearsal dinner and run around stressing.
  • Be organized!! Print out all your list, inspiration pics, vendors numbers etc... before you get to your venue. This will help out a bunch!!!
  • Do a first look!! We did, and it was GREAT!! DH and I had a some alone time before the ceremony and we got a ton of amazing pics and there were no nerves after that. We were able to get all of our bridal party pics done before the wedding also, so the only pictures we did after the ceremony were family ones. This was my goal, since I REALLY wanted to go to the cocktail hour and enjoy the party!!
  • Include any personal touches. Your guest will love it. We had a signature drink named after our dog and table names after places we visited. Neither of these are new to the wedding world, but our guest had never seen it and they loved it!!
  • Hire a DOC. It was the best money we spent. Our was amazing!! She set everything up, kept the whole wedding on schedule and yelled at a few vendors when they were late. This will help you and your family relax and enjoy the wedding!!
  • Most importantly, ENJOY YOUR WEDDING!!! DH and I had fun at our wedding, but we were pulled in so many ways that we couldnt really enjoy it or take it in. We never got to drink that much or have a full piece of cake or go outside and sit on the lounge furniture. There was just so much going on!!  Your wedding is a big party with all of your favorite drinks, food, music and people so HAVE FUN!!
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We had trouble deciding on our colors at first. I never had a vision of a wedding or favorite color, so I kept going back and forth with the whole color thing. After spending a good amount of time on the knot (this was before I discovered PW...). I found a wedding with the look and feel that I loved. Here is my inspiration...


Inspiration photo 1


Love everything about this. Sort of modern, but still has a classic feel. We wont be using any pink flowers in the BM bouquets, but other than that, this is it!!!

This is an inspiration board that I came across that sums up my colors perfectly. The only thing is that I have no idea where the pic came from. Let me know if you do...

Inspiration photo 2




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Bridal Salon - Bella Donna Bridal

Venue -  Palm Event Center

Flowers -  Blue Orchid

Photog -  Shoops Shutter

Videographer - Burkart Video

DJ - Teymour (he does both Persian and Western Music)



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We had our E-pics taken by the amazing Amber Felts from Shoop Shutter Photography. I HATE having my pics taken and typically make terrible faces in them. I think she did pretty good, given the fact that I am terrible at it!!


E Pics photo 1E Pics photo 2

E Pics photo 3E Pics photo 4


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So, apparently flowers are pricey!!! I learned this real fast once I started the whole planning process. We are having a pretty big wedding (250 people) so we will need lots and lots of centerpiece. To help with some cost, we will be incorporating candles, but that is only helping a bit.

So after lots of meetings with different florist, I finally found one that would work with my budget and vision. She is the very sweet and talented Heather from The Blue Orchid.

Our colors scheme is navy, silver and white and all of our flowers will be white. After some discussion with Heather, my flower inspirations are:

Bride & Bridesmaids Bouquet (mine will be a bit larger than this):

Flowers photo 1

I for sure want to add a locket to mine with my pups picture in it since he cant be with us on our big day. I also LOVE the look of a broach on the bouquet!


We are going to go with two styles, one low and one high, to add some dimension to the room (I mean this is what the pros tell me. I didn't go to my florist and say "I want to add dimension to the room"...). 

Flowers photo 2Flowers photo 3

Both will have a ton of votive's surrounding them on the table. I want lots and LOTS of candles!!

This is the mock up or florist did. We LOVE it!!

Flowers photo 4Flowers photo 5



We wont be using too many flowers for the ceremony. Just white rose petals lining the aisle and some flowers for the sofreh. We will be using the orchids from this centerpiece cluster in white. I just love how they are exploding "> out of the vase!!

Flowers photo 650" height="233" />

If we have some money leftover (sure...when pigs fly!!) I will incorporate the hydrangeas also. We will also use this for the head table, along with the bridal party bouquets, during the reception.