Sep 26, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My fiance and I are extremely picky about our music. I did a playlist for Eric and picked out every song from cocktail hour to the very end of the night and he played every song. I have heard of DJ's being given a specific playlist and a do not playlist and they completely ignore it. I was very concerned about this. Eric did exactly what we wanted. He was also very professional. We are in our 30's and had a pretty sophisticated crowd. We didn't want anything cheesy or juvenile, and Eric was fantastic. Also, his pricing was great. Our wedding was at a location he hadn't been to before and a week ahead of time, he went there to visit the location and check it out. He also had a number of questions for us and was very proactive in mading sure he knew exactly what we wanted. We were very happy!!
Services used: DJ

jen k floral design
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I had a meeting with jen K about my wedding. I told her my budget and was very clear as well as showed her very detailed pictures of exactly what I wanted. I was very clear on my budget! She repeated to me 4 times. We can work in your budget, not a problem. She took notes. I didn't get a quote from her for 3 WEEKS!! She gives me 2 quotes. One quote had NONE of the flowers I wanted. She substituted something much cheaper. The other quote was THREE times what I could spend, but had the flowers I wanted. When I called her immediately, she had the biggest attitude and I asked her 3 times to requote it using the flowers I asked for. She didn't do it. I told her "You should never say you can do something over and over when you have no intention of doing it." She had such a diva attitude, I couldn't believe this girl. Luckily, I went to someone else (Marcia Johnson) who did exactly what I wanted and within my budget. Let me tell you the flowers were breathtaking and everyone, including the men commented on how gorgeous the flowers were.
Services used: Flowers