Oct 23, 2010

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Kevin and I had been together for almost two years he proposed in February and our anniversary is March 16th. The night before he proposed I had bought him a Yaht Master Rolex and had been holding on to give it to him and the perfect moment, he knew that I had bought it since a mutual friend of ours had worked at the jewelry store I bought it from the news got leaked out. Well Kevin had just gotten a promotion and I thought it was the right thing to do was to go out to dinner and surprise him with it. And we had always joked around that if I didn't get proposed to by our anniversary I would propose with the watch.  As we sat down at a very nice restaurant he knew that I had brought the watch with, I typically carry a small purse and I brought my larger Fendi one. (this was the big tip off) he started acting weird and I ended up giving it to him but didn't propose, he said you can't and was happier than a school child to have the watch and to finally be able to wear it! :)

Well the next day was saturday and we woke up and he said I have to go to work, he never works on saturdays and he was in a hurry.  I was meeting up with my mother and sisters to visit my grandfather who was in the hospital. I had called my best friend Kali and maid of honor and expressed that something was going on, Kevin had just called her and told her what he was going to do that night (propose) and she totally played it cool saying don't worry everything's fine. blah blah blah... well I went and visited my grandfather and family, Kevin told me to call him when I was on my way home. So I headed out about 4pm and I called him but no answer, made it home he wasn't there nothing looked out of the ordinary called again and he didn't answer turned out after I left my parents house he snuck in there and showed them the ring and his intentions they were thrilled. 

Kevin made it home about 7pm and said put something nice on lets go out to dinner... I was watching tv in sweats and not ready to go anywhere.  So I get ready and we head out the door he's already sweating and being "weird".  He takes us to "our" restaurant called Pazzaluna in Saint Paul, MN the restaurant we had our first date at and a very special place for us. He called ahead and told them his plan, we sat in "our seats".  We headed to the bar and they said it would take a moment to get our table they were busy, they weren't busy Kevin excused himself saying he had to go to the bathroom... he gave them my ring.

We sat down and ordered dinner and drinks. He couldn't eat and I knew something was up and started asking a million and one questions, finally he gave in and said do you want dessert and I said yes I LOVE creme brulee I was handed the menu and as I was looking at it  a waitress came over with a tray covered in rose petals and a ring box open with a HUGE RING in it!!!!! He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife and I was crying and shaking that I didn't even say yes until we were in the truck.  He handed me his cell phone and said " there are alot of people waiting for your call right about now".  EVERYONE had known he was going to do it!

And now we're planning a March 16, 2011 wedding on our five year anniversary!!

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