Jun 28, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
If you are looking for a truly personal experience when it comes to creating a ceremony that is right for you, Venus is your officiant. She is the kind of person you could chat for hours with about life... a very personable and intelligent person. What I find the most unique about Venus's expertise is that she is able to incorporate all kinds of ceremonies and traditions into your wedding in order to make your day right for you. She is reasonably priced and very professional. She will work on your ceremony until it is exactly how you want it!!! I knew that Venus was the officiant for us because she is non-judgmental and truly believes this ceremony is for you and your partner and should be preformed according to your preferences. Venus is VERY flexible and can give you the type of ceremony you want, whether it is traditional or not. My husband and I wanted something that was gender neutral and non-religious that also included our different personalities and backgrounds. Venus more than delivered! It was difficult to find someone who would put in the time and effort to create a ceremony that was personalized for us. Most clergy and officiants have their ceremonies created ahead of time and do not change much. I even met someone who presented three different ceremonies like it was a menu. (Would you like "beef, chicken, or fish"?) These types of officiants claim to be flexible, but when I asked them if they could make the ceremony non-religious, they refused. Unlike these types, Venus does not let her own opinions get in the way of how you envision your ceremony. Don't settle for the scripts that other officiants write and recycle for every wedding they officiate! Make your day as unique as your relationship is! Thank you Venus for making our day truly awesome and unforgettable! <3
Services used: Officiant