Jun 28, 2008

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May is almost over-- ack! Time for an update!

Tomorrow marks the one month countdown until the wedding. I have a lot done, but a lot to do too! Everything is on a nice timeline and I expect to be done with all of my little projects in the next two weeks. Then I can just sit back, relaxy and ENJOY!!!

An unexpected thing happened last week and we found out we are going on a honeymoon to Costa Rica! Neither of us have our passports so I made an appointment for tomorrow to get mine. Now I just have to make sure I can find my birth certificate!? Ahh! We'll be going from June 30- July 11 Nice amount of time to be gone- and we'll return on a Friday evening so that gives us a couple days to exhale, regroup and enjoy some time at home before getting back to work and normal life. I'm extremely excited to go- and anytime I get a little stressed about the wedding I just picture myself ziplining through the jungle and everything seems better. he he he

Here's a timeline for what I've got to finish up in the next month. Should help some of you feel better about how "behind" you are compared to me. LOL

Passports (tomorrow, expidited just to be safe)
Vaccinations for Costa Rica
Finish table numbers (THIS WEEK)
Table runners (this week)
meet with coordinator at site- plan out seating (weekend)
meet with DJ (this week)
Talk to florist about bouquets (when we go to the site this weekend)
pay for the rental house (night before & night of wedding)
get hair dyed
set up pedi appointments for the day before the wedding for my girls
plan the rehearsal dinner
Dress bustle (saturday morning)
pick out a veil
finish getting BM gifts

I think that's about it! Not too shabby I suppose. Wish me luck in the upcomming weeks. I'm getting excited!

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Happy Tax Day! =) It's been about a month since the last update, so it's time for another! I have done a LOT since the last entry. All of the bridesmaids dresses have arrived. My dress was ordered, shipped & delivered. I realized I've gained a couple inches and might not be the size 2 I was a few months ago (hahaha) I customized & ordered the invitations (yay costco, yay sales!) and now I'm nailing down a photog.

Left to do:

-meet with dj, go over music & timelines
-book photographer
-meet cake guy & decide on cake (doing this weekend)
-meet with caterer and go over menu & pricing, finalize (this weekend)
-GET FI FITTED FOR A TUX. OMG (doing this weekend)
-Go to Shane Co & get FI's ring size, pick out a style we like, order (another this weekend item)
-finish table numbers (*groan*)
-meet with stylist for hair trials
-book 2 months at the tanning salon
-reserve house in Tahoe for bachelorette party
-BM gifts
-work out every single day, lose the inches I've accumulated and fit into my dress!!!

Ten weeks to go! 70-something days left! Ack Ack Ack!

Overall I'm good though. Not too stressed, feeling all right. I haven't let myself get too overwhelmed. In the grand scheme of things it's JUST a wedding. It's JUST a day. Hopefully it will be a really nice, smooth one, but in the end I'm not going to lose sleep over it or gain any stress wrinkles. =)

Happy Planning ladies!

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Caterer- menu finalized!
Floral Arrangements
Tables & Chairs
Guest List
BM Dresses- try on
BM Dresses- order
Bachelorette party plans finished
Order Gown
Bridal Shoes
Start Registry
Cake Tasting
Order Invites

To Do:

FI's Ring
Party Rentals
Get all GM fitted
Bridal Shower plans finished
Update Registry
Meet with florist, go over details
Visit site with officiant/coordinator to plan seating
Finish Table Numbers
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It's time for another update! =) I have been a stress case lately. I never thought I'd be one of those insane brides, but now I see how it happens!!! I have finally decided to let go a little bit and accept the help of my wonderful bridesmaids. My sister (MOH) is taking over the bridal shower & bachelorette party completely. Anytime I say "Oh I should do this..." she says "NO! Let me!!!" I'm having a hard time getting used to it, but it really is so nice to relax a little bit. My other BM Liz is doing all of the photographer research for me. My other BM Amber is sending out urgent emails to the other BMs who STILL HAVE NOT TRIED ON THEIR DRESSES. WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry! hehe) I do not want to be annoyed, but COME ON. It has been MONTHS. TRY ON THE DRESS SO WE CAN ORDER!

In other news, FI finally asked the guy at work he knows about his DJ services. Apparently FI's sister & now brother in law used the same guy for their wedding and he did a fantastic job. I'm kind of a nut about dj's. I really am not down with the cheeseball act- and I do not want certain songs (read: chicken dance) played at my reception. I've heard awful stories about DJs who refused to play certain songs agreed upon in their contacts with bride & groom, DJs who asked for the 'mother & groom, father & bride' dances to start when there WAS no father of the bride (yeah, awful and awkward) and worst of all I've been to a wedding where the DJ popped a boner. NOT kidding. He was an old man, wore *jeans* to the wedding and he had a stiffy. Soooo needless to say, I have a tainted vision of wedding DJs and I'm extraordinarily happy to get one that FI already knows and has seen in action. And the price? $450! Yeah!!

Moving on to dresses! I'll just stick to my dress, since the BM dress situation only makes me cringe. :) My custom-made dress isn't going to arrive on time. Luckily it's all working out and I'm not out any money. I found a new dress that I love, and the price is unbelievably reasonable. It's a Maggie Sottero and the name is 'Sandrina' photo:

(these ebay images are actually better than the stock ones)

I'm going in this week (hopefully today) to try it on. I'm not settled on white or ivory... I always loved the crisp bright white, but ivory does tend to flatter.... so we'll see. It's a gorgeous mermaid style gown with a corset back. It has some asymmetrical gathering on the front with crystal embellishments. It bustles off to the side. It is GORGEOUS. I am so absolutely in love with it! On Sunday I was modeling in the Dream Wedding Show at Cal Expo and all of the dresses I wore were Maggie Sottero. I love her designs... and I cannot wait to have this dress! :D

So with my sister taking care of the party planning, I've been left to just focus on the wedding details. Even though it's been stressful, it's working. All of my family & friends have been so very helpful and they're keeping me sane. On Sunday at the wedding show everyone was asking me when my date was and when I told them, their eyes would get HUGE and they'd say "THAT'S THREE MONTHS AWAY!!!" Thanks, I know. I like pressure. I'm FINE! =) Oooh as a bonus- I won a drawing I entered! I got the third prize for the American Laser Center giveaway- a $300 gift certificate toward any service or treatment. Maybe I should get my armpit hair removed forever. :D That would be nice!! I have no idea how much these things cost so I guess it's time for a consultation!

Alright ladies! Keep your chins up, your stress down and your smiles on!



Some good news!!! I tried on Sandrina and I AM IN LOVE! (I look a little goofy in the pic, warning!)

I called around EVERYWHERE and everyone was saying they only had the gown in a size 10 or larger... and that the dress "might" arrive on time if we rushed it, overnighted it & paid all of these fees. No thanks! I KNEW I could find it somewhere. FI was soooo sweet and he said "Anywhere in the State baby! We can fly down to SoCal if you find your dress there!" Isn't he sweet?? Well I DID find my dress there! Jinny's Bridal Center had my dress in my size (well, close to it!) so I have it on hold. She said that she has a very close relationship with the Maggie Sottero company and may be able to get my dress on time in my size so I won't need any alterations. I'll be hearing from her in a couple of days, and then I'll know if I'm getting her new in-store dress, or a new ordered one in my exact size. Either way I am STOKED. And the cost? $539!!!!!!!!! I know, I can hardly believe it myself :D :D :D

In other great news, my Bridesmaids have their dresses!!! We finally (thanks to my sister & one of my on-the-ball BMs) got the remaining girls to try on the dresses. We decided on the Jones Wear Halter Dress. It's even on sale- so the cost for the dress is only about $55. Yay for being a savvy bride!! My girls are happy, I'm not stressing and everything is all peachy keen here. I'll update in another week or so- hopefully with more good news!

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So last night I completed three table numbers. THREE! Only Three! It took me hours. My neck is totally sore from being hunched over and delicately applying 3mm rhinestones to the wooden numbers with a pair of tweezers. But it was worth it! The numbers turned out even better than I was hoping! I have more rhinestones on order- I'm going to need a LOT. Thousands. Just thinking about it makes my neck hurt even more! I'm not sure how many tables I'll end up having- I have numbers 1-14 for now. I'm hoping to have all of those done by March, and by then I should have a better idea for the guest list and table number needs.

Also received were the fabric samples for my dress and the BM dresses. So far the vote is for black (and not grey) but I still have a couple more girls' opinions to get. My dress is definitely going to be in the ivory color. I'm so excited to order it! That will probably happen next week... I may go ahead and order my dress before the BM dresses (sometimes it takes awhile to get all the funds collected- I'm sure some of you have experienced this too!) No worries though. It should only take 3 months from order to delivery. I still have a wee bit of time!

Okay... so as much as I HATE to say it- I officially LOVE WalMart!!! Why? Because they have the BEST prices on vases! I had this vision for my centerpieces; each table will have a large glass vase on top of a square mirror, and inside the vase will be lily heads completely submerged in water. On top of the water will sit a floating candle. I was really hoping to get the vases for a good deal... It seems silly to get 15+ expensive vases... when am I ever going to need that many again!? So I went to WalMart with high hopes and they delivered! I took their entire stock of the preferred vase (there were only 6 though, boo!) I'm hoping to go back every other week or so until I get as many as I need. Each vase was only $3 and some change. Woohoo! Can't wait to get the rest of them & start playing with the centerpieces!


We started our registry finally! We went to Crate & Barrel's wedding party. They had a ton of other engaged couples there & it was one great big registering party. Pretty fun to be honest! Most of the guys didn't even seem too bored which was nice =) We registered for a lot of basics & some items we already have but could use a major upgrade. I am most excited about these GORGEOUS dishes:

Dan even likes them, so I'm very happy about that! What I really liked about Crate & Barrel (besides everything in the store! ha!) is that after the wedding, you can go back and purchase anything left on your registry and you get a 10% discount. We thought that was pretty cool. We still have things to add, but it feels good to have a start. We are also going to register at a couple of other places, we just haven't decided where yet.

Lately I have been stressing big time about the wedding. I actually started dreaming about it and that's when I knew I was losing my mind. hehe I am normally not a stressed person AT ALL, EVER. But lately I've been feeling sooo antsy. I think it's due to the fact that we have our first mortgage coming up, a wedding to pay for and plan, along with all the other bills that life brings. I'm just hoping and counting on everything working out and being fine. I seriously considered pushing it off but it feels too late to do that. I don't know- I'm sure I'm just overreacting! Does everyone feel this way? The dresses are also stressing me out big time. I should be ordering them... well I should have already ordered them! Things just haven't happened in a timely fashion.

Okay this isn't meant to be all downer! =) Happy planning to everyone & Next post will be more positive- promise!



So I'm slightly less insane now. Last week I had a mental breakdown and started researching places to elope in Vegas. Ha! My parents called us over for an emergency meeting (not really) and after hearing my latest "plan" they helped calm me down and come up with a solution. I think the problem is that the wedding is 4 months and one day away (Holy S***!) and I've been doing everything by myself. EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING. I still don't even have measurements from one of the bridesmaid's and I'm getting really anxious about the dress situation. *sigh*

So the guest list was cut in half- from 150 to just over 80... which surprisingly wasn't too difficult. That in itself made me calm down quite a bit. My mom apologized for not being more helpful and we have a "craft day" set up for assembling the invites. I have a great template for the pocketfolds I want to make and I'm hoping they turn out as beautifully as I'm imagining!

My dress is going to be ordered THIS WEEK. I'm really excited about that- I hope it comes early so I won't stress anymore! :) My target order-date was Feb 1st... so yeah. I've been falling behind! The girls' dresses are from J. Crew. I'm going tonight with a few of them to try them on in person before we order online. Now if only I can get my one BM to go...

FI and I are going to go to Men's Warehouse in the next week or two to pick out the tuxes we (I) like best ;) Then I'm leaving it up to him to assemble is groomsmen for fittings. One less thing I have to do- HOORAY!

I have all of the rental info printed out. Our caterer only provides table linens and chafers, so I have to get all of the plates, flatware, glasses etc. I'm not even sure when I need to order everything- I guess not until I know the guest count for sure? *shrug*

Well I guess that's it for now. Happy Planning to everyone! :)

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I fell in love with the Pronovias "ebano"

I am having the dress replicated for me. I received the fabric samples on Feb. 10th and I decided on ivory silk. I know it seems a little last minute to be ordering a custom-made dress but I have heard nothing but great experiences from the company so I'm feeling good about it! Hopefully alterations won't be necessary! :)

For the bridesmaids, I've decided against the J. Crew dress I originally liked. After going to J. Crew and having some of the girls try it on, I realized the dress was NOT as flattering as I'd hoped and FAR too "booby" for most of the BMs. So I've been hunting down some reasonably priced alternatives and to my shock- I found this dress from JC Penny's! I had no idea they carried such cute dresses:

We'll be going in for a try-on soon and hopefully ordering them before mid-March.