Mar 28, 2010

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Yay!  My photo guestbook from Shutterfly arrived today!  I'm so excited!  It's so much better than it looked on the computer but here's the site so you can see it!  The lines on the right-side pages are full lines, not dashes like it's showing, but the rest of it is exactly what I got!  The book is 8x8 and 30 pages with a hardback cover.  I was able to get it with free shipping and 20% off for a total of $35.11!

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Now that I'm sending out our STD's, my wedding website will finally be out in the public.  Feel free to take a look!  I've spent a lot of time on it and I hope everyone likes it!

Wedding Website



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Over the last two weeks or so, I've been ordering supplies for my DIY STD's.  My inspriation was this invitation:

Save the Dates Done photo 1


We loved this concept but didn't want it for the invites themselves.  So - without further ado...

Save the Dates Done photo 2Save the Dates Done photo 3

These are all the pieces all laid out.  We ordered 12x12 cardstock in the purple and cut them down to 6x9 so we could use 2 covers per piece.  We then folded them using the insert photo piece a standard 4x6 photo paper.  The design was made using Publisher.  We cut out the 2" squares for the pictures and I'll be using the squares to tie the favors so no pieces are wasted!  I also bought business card sized magnets and cut them in half to put on the inserts so that people could put them on their fridge. 

We also chose to use the 4x6 photo paper because we wouldn't have to trim anything and envelopes are standard size.  We used A6 envelopes which are 4 3/4 x 6 1/2, so they're a little big but they worked perfectly!

Save the Dates Done photo 4Save the Dates Done photo 5

The stickers we used were either these double hearts or the above LOVE ones (the LOVE stickers I liked WAY better than these double hearts).

Save the Dates Done photo 6

Oh what a mess our table was!  We were shuffling around piles so we could work assembly-line style.Save the Dates Done photo 7

Overall, we had fun doing these!  We bought enough supplies for 150 STD's even though I needed only a hair over 100.  Total cost - $172.11 ($1.15ea)  Not too bad for something so personal and custom!


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We have officially booked our Photography/Videography!  I'm very excited.  Ken seems to really know how to get through the formal pictures quickly (a little scary for me that he's going to get through them TOO quickly and we'll feel rushed, but I'm hoping that's not the case).  In case anyone in the area is looking for a photographer, here's his info: Ken Portnoy - Artistic Memories

I also ordered my dress last week!  It's a Maggie Sottero Kadence.  I'm really excited :)  It's going to be white instead of silver as the picture shows.  I tried on the sample, which was the perfect size except in the bust and of course the hem. 

I've also ordered all the materials for our STD cards!  We'll be putting them together Saturday 8/29, so look for an update then with pictures of the DIY project!

Next on the list:  DOC, Florists, DJ's, Centerpieces, and Linens!


**Edit - had to take the picture off - couldn't have FI seeing it!**

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Hello!  My name is Joselyn and I am getting married March 28, 2010!  Yay!  I'm very excited :)

I have been a Graduate Gemologist and in the jewelry industry for 10 years.  I am more than happy to answer any jewelry related questions you may have!  Unfortunately with the downturn in the economy, I was laid off in December and have decided to switch careers.  I'm starting nursing school in December to get my LVN and I'm planning to work a couple years while taking the RN prerequisites and then getting my RN license.

On to more fun stuff:

Our wedding is going to be held at Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angeles.  My FI's grandfather was a founding member of the temple and the rabbi that is marrying us is the same one that married FI's parents and brother/sister in law.  I love the tradition!

Colors are DB Regency (royal purple) with accents of lavendar and yellows.

So far, I've got my location, officiant, bridesmaids (and their dresses), my gown and veil, cake, and we're about to sign our photographer this week.  We've also tentatively found our catering (California Chicken Cafe since it's a lunch time wedding).  On to wedding coordinators/flowers next!