Jun 06, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
For continuity we asked our photographer (Meg Perotti) what DJ she likes to work with. Without hesitation she said Damon Tedesco! Don't be fooled by his professional appearance because this guy rocks (if you want him too). My fiancee and I had a very un-traditional cocktail party style wedding in a back yard in Palos Verdes. The music was very important in keeping the tempo of the party and transitioning from through each phase of our wedding. Damon nailed it. We only gave him genres to work with and he seamlessly merged our eclectic music styles together and still was able to mix in some requests. He was great at "reading" the crowd and playing the right music at the right time. He was a big part of our awesome wedding. Thanks Damon! I noticed in other peoples' reviews of Damon that many mentioned that "the dance floor was packed all night." This was so true. We unexpectedly had uncles, parents of friends, etc tearing up the dance floor! It was great.
Services used: DJ