Aug 07, 2010

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Fly me to the moon- Frank Sinatra

Dance me to the end of love- Madeleine Peyroux

Ain't that love- Ray charles

My baby just cares for me- Nina Simone

It had to be you- Harry Connick Jr.

How Sweet it is- Michael buble

Papa loves mambo- Nat King Cole

LOVE- Nat King Cole

Beyond the sea- Bobby Darin

The look of love-Krall Diana

I've got you under my skin- Michael buble

Sway- Michael buble

Unforgettable- Nat king cole & Natalie Cole

Come fly with me- Frank Sinatra

Michael Buble - Everything


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Save the Date Cards photo 1

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Here is the similar design of my cake!

Its called a Crystal Cake! Only my cake will have the layers separated with white roses and hydrangeas! Now to find a C cake Topper!

Have Your Cake And Eat It TOO photo 1

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The Proposal photo 1

As i mentioned in our "how we met" story we love to go out to the Park we went on our first date (above) and sit by the water at night time. So it was any regular night and we had gone out for dinner at Applebee's and I suggested we go out to the park. So Matt says "Its chilly I want to go home and grab a jacket." Im thinking... "its not THAT cold out" but she goes along with it and we stop by the apartment. And we are on our way to the park, silence the entire ride there and Matt is awful fidgety. We arrive at the park and its a beautiful night outside and we go over and sit on the park bench for a while and enjoy the full bright moon glimmering on the pond. I say I  want to go over to the dock and sit down so we go over and Matt refuses to sit. Confused and worried I suggest "maybe we should go home." Walking back we are holding hands and i am skipping as usual and jokingly says "Do you want me to be your wifey?" Matt replys "Of course I Do!" We arrive back at the car and he pulls me over into the street light and says "Since I asked your parents and they said it was okay. I was wondering if you would be my wife?" I replied "are you serious? Is this a joke?" Matt says "no I have the ring!" he pulls it out and shows it her. "Gasp! Its beautiful!" We then continue to hug and cry and go on to my parents house to tell the good news! (that they obviously already knew)

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About Us photo 1About Us photo 2

How We Met

As much as we hate to admit it, we met on myspace.com 5 years ago. Matt had messaged me on myspace and wanted to meet sometime as he was new to Ames and didn't know anyone from the area. I refused to meet him, because well... it IS myspace and who knows she could be meeting a 40 year old fat hairy man. Through Matts reassurance I felt comfortable enough to meet in a public place. We met at a bowling alley in to find it was league night so we couldn't bowl. We went off to dinner at Legends to have a wonderful dinner with a view of the iowa state campus. Later on we decided to go out to a park that has pond and just sit by the water since it is so beautiful at night out there. And that's how it all began...

Jobs    Me- Im a graphic designer :)   Him- Owns a Window Cleaning Business

Hobbies     Me- Dance, Art     Him- Drums