Aug 22, 2008

Studio Q Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Studio Q shot our engagement and wedding photos in May and August of 2008. From our first visit to the completion of our album, it's been so pleasant to work with them. Jai Shim, the director, helped us to plan and customize a package which was within our budget and included everything we wanted. She, and our photographers, Paul and Jin, were kind and professional. They always gave us their full attention. Jai graciously provided when we wanted to adjust our package or reschedule shooting dates and locations. They always had a positive attitude that left no question that they value our concerns and desires. We felt as though we were their sole customers! They made us feel at home whenever we stopped in their office. We loved going in to look through their many photo albums, for their aesthetic value as well to study the different styles and approaches. In the office, and over the phone, they worked closely with us to advise us on pictures to choose for our album, and listened to our preferences for the layout of the pictures too! In addition to their great service, their real quality lies where it should, in their photography. The pictures were classic and candid, timeless and emotional, up-close and narrative, in all the right times and places. The colors are rich and vivid, the focus alluring, and the content deep and provocative. Just see for yourself on their website, , or in the photo albums on display in their office. Their work says it all. My wife and I agree, beautiful describes it. Their talent is broad enough that they can adjust their style to meet your taste. If you dont know your style yet, they can help you figure it out. The thing that we like most about our photos is that they tell a complete story of our wedding, from the minute details that we would not have noticed or appreciated, to the guests themselves. Every time we look at our pictures, we are so thankful to remember the support and affection of all our guests, and to feel again the love and commitment on our wedding day. Out of appreciation for their consistent service and warmth, we even brought pastries into their office on several occasions. Paul and Genes friendliness and humor helped us to feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera, and Jai was so kind, patient and accommodating. It was a tremendous help to have a photography studio that genuinely cared. In summary, we highly highly recommend Studio Q. If we had to do it all over again, we would choose Studio Q, no other options needed, no energy wasted. Thanks for your consideration, Charles and Hannah July, 13, 2009
Services used: Photography