Jun 27, 2009

Wine Valley Catering
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My wife and I decided during our wedding "daydreaming" phase that the three most important things in our perfect wedding scenario would be the food, the wine, and the music. We wanted our guests to leave our wedding saying, "Wow! That was the best wedding food we've ever had!" Thanks to Wine Valley Catering, that's exactly what they said. Though working on a budget in wine country was anything but ideal, Debbe from WVC was a superstar! The presentation of everything from the welcome bar, to the buffet, to the dessert bar was exquisite. Debbe really listened to each and every detail we were concerned about and made sure our vision became a reality. The delicious buffet offered our guests a ton of variety and the food stayed warm until the last guest filled their plate...for a second time! The staff was friendly, extremely professional, and very attentive, especially to the family tables and my wife and me. Our water and wine glasses were never less than half full. WVC really makes you forget you're at a wedding and makes you feel like you're at an intimate dinner with great friends. If/when I'm rich and famous enough to throw catered birthdays for myself and 200 of my closest friends, I look forward to hiring WVC again :) Until then, I hope you'll keep them busy. WVC rocks!
Services used: Catering, Wedding Venue

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Flowers were a wild card for our wedding. We were working on a very tight budget, my wife and I are both into very simple, super modern arrangements but neither of us knew exactly what we wanted our flowers to look like. After almost a month of looking, we hadn't found anything or anyone in our price range or to our liking and then - just like that! - we ran across Anita at Wine Country Flowers. I think Anita was a flower in a previous life. She knows the pros and cons of literally every species of flower on the planet and her portfolio is really diverse (country to modern to eclectic). After explaining to her what sort of colors and styles we liked, she began pulling photos of arrangements she'd done in the past. We quickly found a number of things we liked and Anita worked with us to change things up and really make the arrangements our own. Looking back on our big day, my wife and I loved all of the flowers, but our centerpieces - in particular - were in a class all their own. A number of people told us they were the most dramatic arrangements they'd ever seen! They were the highlight/hero of our decor, made a serious statement about our design sense, and Anita rocked 'em! So, if you're looking for a creative, friendly, flexible, extremely talented florist head to Wine Country Flowers. You won't be dissapointed.
Services used: Flowers

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
So, so good!!! My wife and I got wedded at Sebastiani Winery in Sonoma. Neither of us are big dessert people, but we knew all of our guests would hate us if we didn't have some sort of "cake", so we decided to go the cupcake route. Patisserie Angelica - even though they're typically big cake people - makes AMAZING little cakes!!! We wanted black and white treats, but we didn't just want plain ol' chocolate and vanilla. So, what did we end up with, other than heaven on your palette? Our "black" treats were chocolate beet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate shavings on top. Our "white" treats were coconut-vanilla cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting and milk chocolate shavings on top. They were AMAZING. And they didn't even come close to breaking the bank.
Services used: Wedding Cake

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
In my opinion, picking a wedding photographer is the most difficult decision in the wedding planning process. This is the person or persons that you are, in a sense, putting in charge of your memories. The photos they take and the moments they capture are most likely going to be how you remember your special day. In other words, you've really gotta trust who you pick. My wife and I met with some amazing photographers, whose work we thought was stupendous, but in the end we realized that we didn't want the perfect picture, we wanted more. We wanted a photographer that was going to capture us, in the moment, as beautifully real to the moment as possible. We're not the type of couple that has many photos of ourselves around the house and those we do have aren't posed. We like candids, we like moments, and we absolutely loved our photographer, Megan Clouse. From the second we sat down with Megan she struck us as much more than your typical wedding photographer. She had amazing prints for us to look at and plenty of variety in style of shots, but the thing that jumped out at us was the emotion in her work. Even though we'd never met the people we were looking at, we could feel their joy, their laughter, their embarrassement ... we could feel everything. Her photos weren't what I call the "insert bride here" type, where you can imagine any bride looking pretty in the photo you're looking at, each was truly a moment, even the posed shots. So, if you're looking for more than just great wedding photos, if you're looking for great memories, give Megan a call. She'll make it impossible to forget your special day and you'll have an amazing time working with her along the way. (P.S. - My profile pic is courtesy of Megan! :)
Services used: Photography

Audrey Crandell, aka Glowing Bridal Makeup Artistry
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I suck at doing makeup. My mom does too. We don't try to hide it, we just do. So, we knew we needed major help, while still trying to stay within the budget for my wedding. Enter makeup superhero, Audrey Crandell, owner of Glowing Bridal. Not only is Audrey an amazing artist that made both my mom and me look crazy gorgeous at my wedding, she's also beyond friendly and a joy to stare at for 45 minutes. Seriously though. Having someone do your makeup is like going to the dentist. You know you have to do it and you know you'll be happy when it's done, but you always hope that something makes the in between part fun, right? Well, Audrey does that and so much more. So if you need makeup help for any occasion, stop looking around and get in touch with Glowing Bridal today. Audrey rocks!
Services used: Beauty & Health

AMS Entertainment
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
Let me preface this review by saying I think the things I heard about AMS prior to my wedding may have set the bar higher than it should have been, thus the reason I was dissapointed with their performance, but if you're touted as the best of the best by everyone ... well ... you gotta follow thru! The hard part of writing this review is that we loved our DJ. She was super sweet and very thorough prior to the wedding, which made me think the wedding would go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, on the big day she seemed stressed and a bit overwhelmed. A few hiccups worth noting...I was supposed to be given a mic after recessing down the aisle to give a toast before leaving to take pictures and at that very moment, our DJ had dissapeared. The song that my wife chose to play during her bouquet toss didn't start until after she had thrown her bouquet and then played for an awkward minute, as we all looked around wondering what to do. And when I asked for a slight change in the music during the dancing, she just looked at me and said, "that will clear the dance floor!" instead of being willing to brainstorm a few songs that might work instead. Again, not super major hiccups, but I didn't expect any hiccups after hiring the one vendor that everyone recommended. Seriously though, EVERYONE in wine country said the only DJ worth hiring was AMS. Maybe it was the high expectations. Maybe it was the package we went with, which only included 1 DJ, instead of 2...who knows. Overall, she was fine. But on my wedding day I'd hoped for great.
Services used: DJ