May 23, 2010

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I'll go for soft smoky, but not too dramatic.

Make Up Inspirations photo 1 Make Up Inspirations photo 2 

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I love the concept of messy updo, plus it's good style for me, otherwise my very fine hair will look totally flat by the end of the day. These pictures are courtesy of Anna Mae Lam.

Hair Inspirations photo 1 Hair Inspirations photo 2

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I'm a very picky person when it comes to clothes. I tried on lots of dresses, and still can't find "The One". All the dresses that I tried on, either I like some part or I don't like the other part. So, I'm having my dress custom made. I don't have the picture of the dress, just the sketch, so here are some ideas of my dress.

I like a simple dress with a line cutting and sweetheart neck line, yet has a romantic touch, and I found these dresses from Junko Yoshioka and Augusta Jones designs.

"Junko Yoshioka"

The Dress photo 1 The Dress photo 2 

The Dress photo 3 The Dress photo 4


"Augusta Jones"

The Dress photo 5 -Louisa-

The Dress photo 6 -Kelly-

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I got this idea from Miss. Poodle at  Got the blank card from Barnes & Noble, filled up with my own words, and....tada......there you go, asking my MOH and BM to be there on our special day.

Will you be my MOH BM photo 1 Will you be my MOH BM photo 2 

 Will you be my MOH BM photo 3 Will you be my MOH BM photo 4

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I went to MAC at Nordstrom, Brea and asked for a make over with less dramatic and taupe color, also wear their eyelash.

Make Up for E Pics photo 1 Make Up for E Pics photo 2 

(Please pardon the "distracting pimple" that just popped up that morning)

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I love the ideas of messy updo.

Hair Do for E Pics photo 1