May 23, 2010

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Hello Ladies (and guys), I'm Lishya's fiancé Sean.

I’m honored that my fiancé wanted me to do her milestone 5K post on Project Wedding, which I’ll use to share with you a little bit about us.  I’m a very private person as she’ll attest to and this is my first online post ever. 

Imagine that you walk into a restaurant filled with people and you see a lady who is the brightest light oozing with beauty and grace....and, WHAMO….BANG!! your life is changed and rocked forever.  This is how I met my lovely bride Lishya…and the start of our beautiful journey.

I truly believe that I’m the luckiest man alive to have the most loving, caring, thoughtful sexy lady as my best friend, lover, and wifey to be.  I thank God everyday for creating her for me and that our lives came together at the right time. 

She has taken me to a place of love that I did not know existed in all my years and I hope everyone experiences it in their lifetime.  Ever since we started dating, my family, friends, and golf buddies would always say that they knew she was the One.

After we were engaged, I have to admit that I did not really understand why Lishya spent so much time on PW? She already used Facebook! :)

And then it hit me one day and I realized that since we don’t have family locally to support our planning efforts, she needed that lady/bride perspective and support on a daily basis.  I can do my best as a guy and, yes, I’ve learned a few acronyms like FI, DIY, PW, DH, and NWR. ;) but it wasn't enough.

I sincerely want to thank the PW ladies/community for being so supportive of each other and especially of Lishya.  You have been our “family” support system, and I can honestly say that PW has greatly helped to make our wedding planning process a blast and positive experience so far.


I can’t wait for our beautiful wedding day and for our bright light to shine on each other forever.


Happy Valentines Day everyone!






(Lishya’s soon-to-be DH)



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Finally, I got to see my "almost finish" dress!!! She's almost done and I'm extremely excited to bring her home!!! 

Fourth Fitting photo 1 Fourth Fitting photo 2  Fourth Fitting photo 3 Fourth Fitting photo 4

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We just want them to congratulate us, so we sent out our invitation to the White House :)

Dear Mr President photo 1

Finally, we got the congratulation from The Obamas :)

Dear Mr President photo 2

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We're so happy that we went to our venue's bridal show. It gave us the almost whole look of the ballroom and I got a chance to walk down the aisle to get the feeling how long it will be.

Vellano s Bridal Show photo 1 Vellano s Bridal Show photo 2

Vellano s Bridal Show photo 3 Vellano s Bridal Show photo 4

Vellano s Bridal Show photo 5 

Vellano s Bridal Show photo 6 Vellano s Bridal Show photo 7

Vellano s Bridal Show photo 8 Vellano s Bridal Show photo 9

Vellano s Bridal Show photo 10 Vellano s Bridal Show photo 11

Vellano s Bridal Show photo 12 Vellano s Bridal Show photo 13


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Our food tasting was the best!!!! Complimentary to the chef!!!!

"Chicken Piccata With Potato Au Gratin"

D E L I C I O S O photo 1

"Grilled Chicken With Shiitake Mushroom Ver Jus"

D E L I C I O S O photo 2

"Lobster Ravioli"

D E L I C I O S O photo 3

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I got my earrings from Bloomingdale's.

BLING is a girl s BEST FRIEND photo 1 BLING is a girl s BEST FRIEND photo 2

It's very hard for me to find a bracelet because of my tiny wrist!! Finally, found it at Nordstrom and they rezised it too :)

BLING is a girl s BEST FRIEND photo 3 

BLING is a girl s BEST FRIEND photo 4 BLING is a girl s BEST FRIEND photo 5