May 23, 2010

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FI bought my wedding band together with my e-ring to compliment each other.

Wedding Band photo 1

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We're using seating charts instead of place cards, it's more simple and our guests don't need to carry their place cards during cocktail hour, that they might lose it and get confused where's their table at ;)

Here are the frames that we'll be using:

Frames for Seating Charts photo 1 

Frames for Seating Charts photo 2 Frames for Seating Charts photo 3

Here's the final look!!! :D

Frames for Seating Charts photo 4

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kristeen's wedding cake stand!! I'll totally make mine like that!! It's simple, yet very beautiful and chic :)

(I got these photos from her bio and the credit goes to her photographer, Trista Lerit)


Cake Stand Inspirations photo 1


"Our Cake Stand"

We got the plexiglas from Home Depot. It's a 18x24 and FI cut it to 18x18.

Cake Stand Inspirations photo 2 Cake Stand Inspirations photo 3 

Cake Stand Inspirations photo 4 Cake Stand Inspirations photo 5

 Cake Stand Inspirations photo 6 Cake Stand Inspirations photo 7

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I love doing these DIY, thanks to PWers for beautiful inspirations!!

It s a SIGN photo 1 It s a SIGN photo 2 It s a SIGN photo 3

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All I can say for our cake tasting is....YUM!!!!!

Sweet Treat photo 1


We're going to have a square - 3 tiers wedding cake, and it's similar to this, except the first and last tiers won't be any leaves, just plain and simple, with our monogram inside the wreath.

Sweet Treat photo 2 Sweet Treat photo 3

"Cake Flavor"

First tier: Chocolate cake with Cappuccino filling

Second tier: White vanilla cake with Bavarian cream and Raspberry jam

Third tier: Red velvet with cream cheese filling


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We love this idea, very practical and save us $$ from using extra paper for the place cards.


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