May 23, 2010

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We went to Maui and had a BLAST!!!!! For anyone who's going to Maui, should definitely do Ziplining, it's a new activity and totally worth the $$$!! :) :)


"The morning view from our bedroom"

Honeymoon D D D photo 1

"Ali'i Lavender Farm

Honeymoon D D D photo 2 Honeymoon D D D photo 3 Honeymoon D D D photo 4 Honeymoon D D D photo 5

"Grand Wailea"

Honeymoon D D D photo 6 

"Fun, Fun, Fun"

Honeymoon D D D photo 7

Honeymoon D D D photo 8 Honeymoon D D D photo 9 Honeymoon D D D photo 10 Honeymoon D D D photo 11

Honeymoon D D D photo 12 Honeymoon D D D photo 13 Honeymoon D D D photo 14 Honeymoon D D D photo 15  Honeymoon D D D photo 16 Honeymoon D D D photo 17 Honeymoon D D D photo 18 Honeymoon D D D photo 19

"Beautiful Sunset Dinner at Mala Ocean Tavern"

Honeymoon D D D photo 20 Honeymoon D D D photo 21 Honeymoon D D D photo 22 Honeymoon D D D photo 23


Honeymoon D D D photo 24 Honeymoon D D D photo 25

"My Car Seat"

We rented a Camarillo, and the seat is too low for me. In that case, I had to use a booster seat!! ;p

Honeymoon D D D photo 26

"Our Matching Crocs"

Honeymoon D D D photo 27

"Last Dinner at Son'z, Hyatt"

Honeymoon D D D photo 28 Honeymoon D D D photo 29 

"Food Porn"

Honeymoon D D D photo 30 Honeymoon D D D photo 31 Honeymoon D D D photo 32 Honeymoon D D D photo 33 Honeymoon D D D photo 34 Honeymoon D D D photo 35 Honeymoon D D D photo 36 Honeymoon D D D photo 37 Honeymoon D D D photo 38 Honeymoon D D D photo 39 Honeymoon D D D photo 40 Honeymoon D D D photo 41 Honeymoon D D D photo 42 Honeymoon D D D photo 43 Honeymoon D D D photo 44 Honeymoon D D D photo 45 Honeymoon D D D photo 46 Honeymoon D D D photo 47 Honeymoon D D D photo 48 Honeymoon D D D photo 49 Honeymoon D D D photo 50 Honeymoon D D D photo 51  Honeymoon D D D photo 52 Honeymoon D D D photo 53 Honeymoon D D D photo 54 Honeymoon D D D photo 55  Honeymoon D D D photo 56 Honeymoon D D D photo 57Honeymoon D D D photo 58 Honeymoon D D D photo 59 Honeymoon D D D photo 60 Honeymoon D D D photo 61 Honeymoon D D D photo 62 Honeymoon D D D photo 63 Honeymoon D D D photo 64 Honeymoon D D D photo 65

Honeymoon D D D photo 66 Honeymoon D D D photo 67 Honeymoon D D D photo 68Honeymoon D D D photo 69 Honeymoon D D D photo 70 Honeymoon D D D photo 71 Honeymoon D D D photo 72 Honeymoon D D D photo 73 Honeymoon D D D photo 74Honeymoon D D D photo 75 Honeymoon D D D photo 76 Honeymoon D D D photo 77Honeymoon D D D photo 78 Honeymoon D D D photo 79 Honeymoon D D D photo 80Honeymoon D D D photo 81 Honeymoon D D D photo 82

Honeymoon D D D photo 83 Honeymoon D D D photo 84

Honeymoon D D D photo 85 

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Seeing his face expression is PRICELESS!! :)

B Pics Revealed photo 1 B Pics Revealed photo 2 B Pics Revealed photo 3 B Pics Revealed photo 4 B Pics Revealed photo 5 B Pics Revealed photo 6 B Pics Revealed photo 7 B Pics Revealed photo 8 B Pics Revealed photo 9 B Pics Revealed photo 10 B Pics Revealed photo 11 B Pics Revealed photo 12

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Lisa, aka DreaminBride, created this page on her bio. Isn't she super duper sweet? I'm such a lucky girl to have her not only as my date twin, but also my fellow hostess :) :) :)

Love you lots, Lisa!!!!!

I wanted to share...

I have been so blessed to have my date twin be Lishya (AKA slhashimoto) and it has been such a great experience.  We are forever connected by our wedding days!  We planned together (even though we are in different coasts of the US), supported each other, sent well wishes, and shared the moment of marrying the men of our dreams on the same day!

The day I was getting ready, she was getting ready.

The day I was wearing a wedding gown. she was wearing a wedding gown.

The day I said my vows, she said her vows.

The day my new husband and I danced, she danced with her new husband!

And the night DH and I went back to our hotel room...well lets not go there!  LOL

There was a feeling of comfort when I thought about the beautiful Lishya for a moment on my wedding day.  Wondering of she was feeling as nervous/excited/wonderful as I was.  There was a calmness in knowing that we were experienceing the same thing together.

So thanks to PW, there is a little story of a girl from New York who connected with a girl from Cali.  A friendship that will celebrate their anniversaries together even though so far away.

I urge you to find a PW date twin and bond with them.  It is a comforting friendship that will have you two forever in eachother's grace.

Lots of Love PW!

I Love My P Dub Date Twin photo 1I Love My P Dub Date Twin photo 2


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We're so thankful for my BM. She's awesome with making our video montage via IMovie, couldn't be any happier with the result!!!!!!!

Thanks, J!!!!!!

Click here if you want to watch it :)


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All these images are taken by Anna Mae Lam (She also did my boudoir pictures). We had Anna as our 2nd photographer. She has an incredible talent and love her works!! 

The More The Merrier photo 1 The More The Merrier photo 2 The More The Merrier photo 3 The More The Merrier photo 4

The More The Merrier photo 5 The More The Merrier photo 6 The More The Merrier photo 7

The More The Merrier photo 8 The More The Merrier photo 9The More The Merrier photo 10 The More The Merrier photo 11

The More The Merrier photo 12 The More The Merrier photo 13

The More The Merrier photo 14 The More The Merrier photo 15

The More The Merrier photo 16 The More The Merrier photo 17

The More The Merrier photo 18 The More The Merrier photo 19

The More The Merrier photo 20 The More The Merrier photo 21 The More The Merrier photo 22 The More The Merrier photo 23 The More The Merrier photo 24

 The More The Merrier photo 25 

The More The Merrier photo 26 The More The Merrier photo 27 The More The Merrier photo 28

 The More The Merrier photo 29 

The More The Merrier photo 30 The More The Merrier photo 31

The More The Merrier photo 32 The More The Merrier photo 33

The More The Merrier photo 34

The More The Merrier photo 35 The More The Merrier photo 36

The More The Merrier photo 37 The More The Merrier photo 38

The More The Merrier photo 39

The More The Merrier photo 40 The More The Merrier photo 41

The More The Merrier photo 42

The More The Merrier photo 43 The More The Merrier photo 44 The More The Merrier photo 45 The More The Merrier photo 46 The More The Merrier photo 47 The More The Merrier photo 48 The More The Merrier photo 49

Aren't we lucky! One of our friends does photography for his side job and I love his work, specially all the gorgeous details that he took. All these images are credited to Johnny Soedomo Photography.

The More The Merrier photo 50 The More The Merrier photo 51 The More The Merrier photo 52 The More The Merrier photo 53 The More The Merrier photo 54 

The More The Merrier photo 55 The More The Merrier photo 56 The More The Merrier photo 57 

The More The Merrier photo 58 The More The Merrier photo 59 The More The Merrier photo 60 The More The Merrier photo 61 The More The Merrier photo 62 

The More The Merrier photo 63 The More The Merrier photo 64 The More The Merrier photo 65 

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Finally, I'm Sean's wife!!! Nothing beat that!! :D

The day was everything that we imagined, even better. It was drizzle in the morning of, and started to clear up toward the afternoon. As soon as I stepped on the door of our hotel going to the venue, it was very windy and my veil was blowing, it really was BLOWING. I could feel that it was almost fell off my hair, but Natalie, my MUA, did an amazing job! I really heart her!!!

The ceremony was very intimate, romantic, and had a bit of fun. I thought it was a hazzle with the super windy weather, but I didn't want to think about it, just want to enjoy the moment, and turned out it made gorgeous pictures :)

The reception was fun and very organized, everyone was enjoying the party and we had about an hour and a half to hit the dance floor.

All in all, it was the best day in my life!!!

All of our vendors, from the venue, photographer, florist, DJ, videographer, hair and make up artist, wedding coordinator, I give them all SUPERB!!!! I'll post the review soon!!

PS: To all the brides out there, It might not be perfect because nothing is perfect, but I promise you, as long as you enjoy the day and the special moment, and think positive through out the day, you'll have the best day of your life! :D

All of these images are taken by PPF Photography.

"Getting Ready"















"Going To The Ceremony"










"The Very Special Pikakei Lei From Hawaii"




"The Ceremony" 








".....And They Live Happily Ever After....."












"The Little Details That Count"











"One Last Thing"


"Let's Get The Party Started"