Jul 02, 2010

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Our wedding was absolutely perfect.  I think I was amazed at how smoothly everything went.  One of the first things I did was hire a wedding planner.  This is something I definitely recommend.  Depending on what you want/need/can afford you can hire one for day of, week of, month of, or to be there every step of the way.  I was pretty “hands-on” with my wedding so I hired my wedding planner for the week of.  I did not know a lot about weddings going into my wedding planning year, but knew enough to know that the week of would be crazy and I could use all the help I could get.  It was great to have someone there to handle coordinating and confirming the vendors, paying them on the wedding day and setting everything up.  I had not a care in the world the day of the wedding except to be with my bridesmaids, get ready and celebrate with my new husband, friends and family.  This is not to say that everything went as planned or perfectly – it did not, but I was relaxed and rolled with the punches.  I had wanted to do photos of our parents and grandparents during their weddings for the sign-in table, but there just was not enough time.  I did not stress about it.  That is not something that was going to make or break our day and was not worth me stressing over.


I absolutely LOVED our photographer.  He is great and took amazing pictures.  We decided to spend more money on a photographer and have amazing pictures and forego having a videographer.  Some friends and family took video during the wedding and reception and we are going to have copies made of that.  For us, it was worth it to have a really good photographer with amazing pictures and memories rather than a so-so photographer and videographer with okay pictures and video.  If we could have afforded to do both, we would have, just was not in the cards for us.  We did not want to start our lives together in debt, as we paid for 90% of the wedding on our own.


I spent countless hours searching for the “right” photographer.  I interviewed them.  Went to their studios.  Looked through their books.  Viewed their online galleries.  I also wanted the photographer to have their own studio.  There were a couple of reasons for this.  First, I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my now husband for our wedding gift.  If the photographer does not have a studio, we would have had to rent a hotel room (on my tab, not theirs) to do the shoot.  Second, it was my thought that they were a more established and “better” photographer if they had their own studio and not just someone who is doing this as a side job to pay their way through school.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but if I am paying a fair amount of money, I want to ensure that the photographer is as in to his/her work as I am.  It is a very important day and I did not want to skimp on the pictures.  Thankfully I found an amazing photographer, who met, and exceeded, my criteria.  I could not be happier with him, his studio and his work.  I definitely recommend him to anyone.


Unfortunately, I did not apply my criteria for my photographer to my florist.  Don’t get me wrong.  I interviewed florists.  Looked at their books.  Viewed their websites.  But I did not apply the “criteria”.  I hired a florist that did not have his own flower shop.  It did not occur to me at the time, but in hindsight makes perfect sense.  He seemed very put together initially, had a tv where we uploaded images of flowers, gave me a little presentation of the order/ contract, was reasonably priced, which to be honest, I was really looking for.  I did not want to spend a lot of money on flowers or even use a lot of flowers because I felt my venue was so naturally beautiful I did not want to compete with it.  I did get a bad feeling though, but consciously chose to ignore it.  When he sent an updated contract (I changed an item – mind you this was 6 months before the wedding, so January 2010) he misspelled my husband’s name.  A minor error, but really you should get the client’s name right especially when his name is Brian Johnson.  Not too difficult.  He spelled his name Brain Jackson.  Nope, not joking.  I tried to correct it several times, but he never got his name right.  Things were also incorrect on the contract.  I went in fully organized, I am a bit Type A.  I had pictures of all the flowers I wanted, how I wanted them to look and what they were for, typed next to each picture.  He kept messing this up as well and overcharged me.  I added the amounts myself to double check his math, as I thought – if he cannot spell, maybe he cannot add either.  I was right.  He was overcharging me around $400.  That paid for my string trio during the ceremony.  He also tried to add his own flair but adding greenery to the bouquets, luckily I caught him that morning and had him take it out.  The flowers were probably the biggest disappointment.  They were definitely not up to my expectations and were actually quite messy when they were put together.  Like they were thrown together that morning.  Luckily they photographed okay.  While I was disappointed with the flowers and my florist, again, I did not let it ruin my day.  The flowers were not going to decide my day and the fantastic memories.  I just learned that I should have listened to my own advice and applied my photographer rule to my florist.  Live and learn J

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Our Wedding Pictures photo 1Our Wedding Pictures photo 2Our Wedding Pictures photo 3Our Wedding Pictures photo 4Our Wedding Pictures photo 5Our Wedding Pictures photo 6Our Wedding Pictures photo 7Our Wedding Pictures photo 8Our Wedding Pictures photo 9Our Wedding Pictures photo 10Our Wedding Pictures photo 11Our Wedding Pictures photo 12Our Wedding Pictures photo 13

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Pro Ceremony Pics photo 1Pro Ceremony Pics photo 2Pro Ceremony Pics photo 3Pro Ceremony Pics photo 4Pro Ceremony Pics photo 5Pro Ceremony Pics photo 6Pro Ceremony Pics photo 7Pro Ceremony Pics photo 8Pro Ceremony Pics photo 9Pro Ceremony Pics photo 10Pro Ceremony Pics photo 11Pro Ceremony Pics photo 12Pro Ceremony Pics photo 13Pro Ceremony Pics photo 14Pro Ceremony Pics photo 15Pro Ceremony Pics photo 16Pro Ceremony Pics photo 17Pro Ceremony Pics photo 18Pro Ceremony Pics photo 19

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The Guy Pics photo 1The Guy Pics photo 2

Cheers boys!                                                     Brian and the ring bearer (our nephew)

The Guy Pics photo 3The Guy Pics photo 4

Having some fun in the Prado courtyard          

The Guy Pics photo 5The Guy Pics photo 6

An amazing tree in Balboa Park.

The Guy Pics photo 7The Guy Pics photo 8

Such dashing young men

The Guy Pics photo 9The Guy Pics photo 10

Taking a leisurely stroll in the garden.                     And then jumping over railings...

The Guy Pics photo 11The Guy Pics photo 12

                                                                      Great shot with the light and shadows

The Guy Pics photo 13The Guy Pics photo 14

Seriously, if you live in San Diego, you must take photos at Balboa Park!

The Guy Pics photo 15

Great picture of Brian and his brother.

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The Girls Pics photo 1The Girls Pics photo 2

I love the Tiffany blue bridesmaids dresses, it photographed so well.   Our bouquets, I wanted them simple

The Girls Pics photo 3The Girls Pics photo 4

It was such a gorgeous day in SD that day.            I love the lens that he used to take this picture

The Girls Pics photo 5The Girls Pics photo 6

Me and my girls!                         I absolutely LOVED my shoes.

The Girls Pics photo 7The Girls Pics photo 8

The flowergirl was a ham, she loved the camera.

The Girls Pics photo 9The Girls Pics photo 10

Thank goodness for volleyball, totally helped out my back ;)

The Girls Pics photo 11The Girls Pics photo 12

Enjoying ourselves before the ceremony                  Balboa Park is so gorgeous, you could not go wrong

The Girls Pics photo 13The Girls Pics photo 14

We had fun twirling in our dresses                         Walking on the promenade

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I LOVE my photographer.  He did an amazing job with our photographs.  I also like that I was not aware of his presence during the ceremony and reception.

I hope you enjoy them as much as my husband and I do.

The Pictures Have Arrived photo 1The Pictures Have Arrived photo 2

Me, my mom and maid of honor, getting ready          The flower girl (my niece) was a doll!

The Pictures Have Arrived photo 3The Pictures Have Arrived photo 4

The star of the show -- the dress                         It took a village to get me ready :)

The Pictures Have Arrived photo 5The Pictures Have Arrived photo 6

My dad, waiting for me to get ready  Leah and Jessica making sure everything is perfect

The Pictures Have Arrived photo 7The Pictures Have Arrived photo 8

Adorable                                                             She loved every minute of the day

The Pictures Have Arrived photo 9The Pictures Have Arrived photo 10

Putting on my garter(s)                                       Showing off the dress label my mom had sewn that morn

The Pictures Have Arrived photo 11The Pictures Have Arrived photo 12

Playing in the dress.  I loved my little "getting ready" room

The Pictures Have Arrived photo 13The Pictures Have Arrived photo 14

Me and my mom                                                  me and the parents