Aug 13, 2010

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Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 1Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 2

the ceremony area

Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 3Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 4

the cocktail hour area

Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 5Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 6Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 7Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 8

the receptions area

Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 9

our centerpiece

Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 10

my dress

Our Wedding Plans So Far photo 11

bridesmaid MOH is wearing the longer version of this dress.

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Ideas photo 1Ideas photo 2Ideas photo 3Ideas photo 4Ideas photo 5Ideas photo 6

Since the bridesmaids are wearing a black dress with a turquoise sash, the guys are gonna wear black tuxes with turqoiuse vest and ties and Hector is going to wear a black tux, black shirt, black vest adn turquoise tie like in the pic above. I am seriously considering getting turquoise heels as my something blue.

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My fiance and I got engaged on July 3, 2009. It was actually really awesome how he proposed. Hector knows that I am big on family and that I love the 4th of July. He had originally planned on proposing while we were at my family 4th of July party but at the last minute the party was canceled. So instead, he suggested that we go to the Griffith Observatory. We hadnt been there since one of our first dates. I was really excited to go. Before we got there we decided to stop and get dinner. We ended up eating at a restaraunt where we had our first meal....totally wasnt planned by just happened to be where we decided we were hungry. Anyways, we went to the observatory and started taking photos. He asked me if I could use the self timer on my camera and take a photo of us with the stars and city in the background. So we took one that way and he said lets take another. While I was setting up the camera, he took the ring out. His plan was to show me the ring right when the camera flashed but I think he got nervous as soon as I sat down he said "Baby, look." I was sooo shocked and that was when the camera took the picture....all you see is me facing him. It was sooooooo sweet. I was so shocked. I really didnt expect him to propse that night. We had been dating for 7.5 years and I knew it was gonna happen that summer BUT not that night. I yelled at him later cause I was feeling really crappy that day and before we went out I asked him if I should shower and change and he said "No". I would have liked to look a little more put together in our engagment night pics but you know what....I wouldnt change that night for anything. Our Engagement photo 1Our Engagement photo 2This picture is pre-proposal.Our Engagement photo 3This is the first photo with self timer....still pre-proposal.Our Engagement photo 4He just PROPOSED!!!!!Our Engagement photo 5The ring!!!!