May 08, 2010

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Wow! I had planned to save the dress shopping until my best friend, Lizzy, could be here when she came to visit for Thanksgiving. But during my research I realized I was in love with Maggie Sottero designs and that she was going to have a trunk show in Kansas City. So after some debating I decided to at least check it out to see how the designs I liked looked on me and see if there were other designs I hadn't seen yet.

Imagine how surprised I was to find THE DRESS! It wasn't one of the ones I had picked out before, but it looked SO good on and had the main things I was looking for, a low waist, minimal beading, side gather, satin material and MORE. So yeah, I decided to buy it. I still can't believe it! 

I'll didn't post a picture just in case my JH drops by. He doesn't WANT To see it yet, but I don't want any accidents! :) 

My Gown on Maggie's Site: Samantha
My Boutique: The Gown Gallery

I'm SO EXCITED! We also got ties for the guys this weekend, but I'll get to that later. I love that every weekend my FH and I get together we get so much done for the wedding!

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So we paid the deposit on our venue! I took some photos and got dimensions for reference since I'll need to layout the floor plan with tables and decorations, etc... 

I'm so happy with this place! The innkeeper is SO nice and accommodating, the price was right and there are barely any restrictions. The only thing I still have to work my head around are the very yellow-wood walls. I think it'll look ok with my colors, I'll just have to "blend" the looks really well. 

So I'm posting some of the photos I took at the reception venue:

Our Reception Venue photo 1

Our Reception Venue photo 2

Our Reception Venue photo 3

Our Reception Venue photo 4

Our Reception Venue photo 5


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Our Official Website photo 1

I finally have my OWN website up! On my site. So it's custom designed from a modified WordPress template I downloaded. I am in love with it! I will use it as a blog to post many of the same things I post here. There will probably be a couple differences, but I want that to be the main blog. This is just good for planning blogs because it's so good to hear the opinions of other brides. 


We got around to registering this weekend. We'll have to come back in March for the bathroom stuff and bedding patterns since the styles could change before May 8, 2010. It was SO much fun. My FH loved it and we probably won't get much that we registered but it's so fun to see that we love the same things. He's pretty artistically minded like I am, so the fact that we agreed on so many things means he really does like it. :P 

Speaking of registry. I LOVE Bed, Bath & Beyond. I already knew I did, but the lady that helped us was SO helpful and we took her advice on nearly everything she suggested. We also registered at Target and I have started a Wishroll on www.wishroll.com. It's great for us so we can add items from random websites all in one place just in case someone wants to be different. It's nice to add things that are unique and more personal to us. 

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Just a fun post so I can brag about my 1/2 of the wedding party. I'm so excited to share this with them and wanted to liven up my blog!

Meet the Ladies in Waiting photo 1

Lizzy: My Maid of Honor!!! :) 
I've known Lizzy since I was 12 or younger. Some of my first memories of her were watching "Romeo and Juliet" with her in Texas when we were visiting. Then she moved to the same neighborhood as my family and we hung out a little. Sometime around the time we were 15-17 we grew close and realized we both are weird in the same ways and there are just some things that no one else could ever GET about me, but she does. She is such a wonderful person and always so helpful and amazing and witty and clever and all around awesome. She moved across the universe from me a couple years ago, but we still see each other when we can and talk almost every day either on the computer or on the phone. She'll be making a few trips out to see me to help with the parties and the planning. *HUGE HUG FOR LIZZY!*

Meet the Ladies in Waiting photo 2

Brooke: My sissy! She's the next girl after me in our humungo family and while we have our differences there are so many things that we share and we can appreciate all the traits in each other that compliment our friendship. When she's not stealing my clothes or keeping me up till all hours of the night/morning she's busy being awesome and showing love and friendship to everyone that crosses her path (except the random stalkers, haha) She is beautiful and full of so much spirit I'm surprised her cute little body can hold it all in. :) <3

Meet the Ladies in Waiting photo 3

Bethany: My OTHER sissy, born right after Brooke. She's like my twin born 5 years later. :) I can always count on Bethany to pull me out of a funk with an exciting baking opportunity or outdoor activity (she really has to be pulling on those, but it works) I love that we both find stupid things funny and I'm so proud of her confident, assured and well-adjusted attitude. When I think of Bethany I think of fun county music and yummy smelling treats baking in the oven. YUM!

Meet the Ladies in Waiting photo 4

Sammy Jo: Sammy was my roommate for 7 semesters+ (:D) Although we'd seen each other a few times on campus and in classes, we met randomly while reserving our dorm rooms for Sophomore semester. I'm sure she was a little freaked out when I asked her to be my roommate to save me from getting stuck with some weirdo (little did I know. ROFL> JK) She agreed (fearfully, probably) and we were inseperable since. There are so many things we can both love and appreciate together and she inspires me with the honesty of her spirit. Even though we moved to separate places this spring, she will ALWAYS be the roomie of my heart. <3 

Meet the Ladies in Waiting photo 5

Abby: Abby and I have known each other since. Well. I don't know. :) I can't think of a time I didn't know her, but I'm sure there had to be a first time to meet her. One summer my family visited hers and it was then that I realized all the awesomeness that was hidden in the cold, Wisconsin farmland. :) For 3-4 years after that I visited her every Christmas and some summers and looked forward to every time I got to see her again. Whether we talk every day or once a year, it STILL feels like we just hung up the phone. So many memories with her I KNEW she had to be in the most special memories of my wedding. (not to mention she can take my hair and face and make me into a godess!) She's truly gorgeous inside and out. *HUG*

Meet the Ladies in Waiting photo 6

Leslie: Leslie is Steven's sister and we met soon after Steven and I started dating. I haven't had many chances to spend time with her since she lives a bit outside of town from Steven, but she is ALWAYS fun to have around. Her little puppy, Sophie, makes me giggle and it's always fun to spend holidays and random weekends with her. I'm hoping that since I'll be joining the family and living closer to the area I'll have even MORE time to spend with her. <3

Meet the Ladies in Waiting photo 7

Teresa: Teresa is one of my oldest (and tallest :D) friends and has ALWAYS been there for me. Like Abby, whether we haven't talked in days or months, I always have fun laughing and talking with her. I get all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about all the memories we've had together and knowing that we can still be part of each others' life. Her daughter, Kerri, is just BEAUTIFUL and will be the littlest flower girl. I'm so proud of Teresa and have ALWAYS admired her strength and can't WAIT to see the life she'll bring to this wedding planning, celebrating party! :)

That's it! I'll probably have a post put up in a bit so you can meet my little people :) I want to get a picture of Steven's little cousin, Rachel, who will be my other flower girl. 

It's so nice to write this and feel how much I love all my girls. There are others who I would have had in this party, if I didn't already feel a little pretentious having SEVEN bridesmaids :D My other sissy, Brianna and my sister-in-law Jenna and my friend Chantel and many others, I'm sure. <3 you all! Thanks for reading.


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So to keep from repeating myself on all the zillions of websites I've signed up for and networking sites I was already a member of, the following is a Copy and Paste from my Facebook note, written the night of the proposal. 



Hey everyone! I was inspired by Casey's retelling of her proposal from Jordan awhile ago and realized this is a GREAT WAY to tell everyone all about it so you can know exactly how he did it and how AMAZINGLY WONDERFULLY HAPPY I AM!!!

For those of you who may not know, Steven proposed to me today! I still can hardly believe it. I'm probably still in a bit of shock, so bear with me. I'll probably intermittently break in with "OMG... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I'M FREAKING ENGAGED" lol. 

So Steven and I had planned to have a picnic today but it was rainy and he had a pretty bad sore throat/cough. So I went with him to the clinic this morning so he could figure out what was going on. We still aren't sure what he has but it was hurting him pretty bad, so we sort of decided against the picnic. So instead we went out to eat and stopped by his house to grab some blankets before we headed out to watch the fireworks. He asked me to come into the back yard with him while he let the dog out (sneaky) and I was standing out there when it happened... now... for a rewind... 


In December of 2005, when Steven and I were not yet officially dating, but were pretty twitterpated, I wanted to give him the perfect Christmas present, one that was personal and thoughtful but didn't scare him off too soon. lol. So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a wooden chest and used a new wood burning kit to burn his monogrammed initials into the top and add a design. I sent it a week or so before Christmas and when he got it in the mail (I was on vacation at the time) he called me and was saying that it was such a wonderful gift and he didn't know how he could give me something that was just as awesome. I told him that he could "give me dirt and I would be happy" because it was from him. (No secret how I felt, huh? lol) Well he thought that was so sweet and has mentioned many times since then how much he appreciates that I don't demand anything in our relationship, but we love each other as selflessly as possible. Either way. It was a moment. 


So I was sitting on the porch while he went to get something and it had been rainy all day. For a minute while I sat there the sun came out and turned the trees golden and I sort of had a moment with God because it was so peaceful and beautiful and special. Then Steven came out and gave me a wooden chest that HE had made. He had glued some wooden designs on it and burned my initials in it like I had done and added "I <3 U" to the top. It was so beautiful. I hugged him and said thank you that was so sweet. Then he told me to open it and when I did...

... it was filled with dirt. (AWWWW!!!!!) 

I almost cried because I thought that was so thoughtful and it really touched me in that moment. So I hugged him again and thanked him. He then informed me that there was more.... look in the dirt. So I dug in there and found a box (empty) so I turned to ask what was going on and he was on one knee holding the ring. I about died. ROFL. I go "SERIOUSLY?!?!?" lol and there was a long pause where I was sure someone was going to yell "KIDDING!" lol but then he just asked, so plain and simple and sweetly "Brittany... will you marry me?" and I burst into tears and (of course) said yes. lol. I then proceeded to hug him and kiss him over and over saying things like "I love you so much" and "Thank you" rofl and he told me all about how he'd talked to my dad last weekend and has had the ring for a few weeks. He is so completely and totally amazing!

We went out to watch the fire works and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. Sitting there with my new fiance' while the fireworks were showering above our heads. The whole thing was surreal and magnificent and completely perfect. 

So there you have it! I am so very blessed by God in everything and I can't stop thanking Him for blessing me with such a wonderful man to love me and make me feel so special. I could never ask for anything more. 

Thank you everyone and I love you all very much. I'm sure when I see you next there will be plenty of hugs and I plan to document every minute of this happy time to share with all of you... :) 

God bless!

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Hey everyone! So far I've loved looking around here at PW and I'm so excited to share my journey through wedding planning with you all! I'll post a separate page later about the proposal and how we met, but I plan to keep this page updated with my progress, etc... 

A little about us both...

The Bride - Brittany
I graduated with a degree in Communication:Photojournalism from Pittsburg State University and I am now a photographer/graphic designer located in Southwest Missouri/Southeast Kansas. I work for a photographer and prep all the photos with special effects as well as design all the studio's marketing materials. I also photograph and design projects after-hours and love to try new creative things. 

Other artsy things I love: Dancing, Sewing, Fashion, Web design, Flowers, and anything artistic really. 

I try to keep my outlook on life positive and friendly. I think loving people is the most meaningful and beautiful thing you can do besides loving God. My fiance' and I are both devoted to God and give all credit for our happiness to His blessings. 

I absolutely LOVE weddings. I love to come up with creative ideas that stand out. I'm a detail person. I recently helped my brother with his wedding and was a big part of the decorating and the planning. My family has considered making a business out of weddings since we're a large family with a wide range of talents. Until then I just like to offer advice to other brides when asked, share my ideas and love to be involved in making any wedding day a beautiful day for the Bride and Groom and their families. Whether that's through planning, being the photographer, or just being there as a guest to help celebrate, it makes me smile. :)


The Groom - Steven

Steven graduated from Pittsburg State University with a degree in Spanish. Since then he has been a youth pastor at a few churches throughout the midwest and is now involved in part-time ministry. To bring in some money (and to pay for the beautiful diamond he saved up for :D) he has been working in women's shoes in the stocking area at Nordstrom in the Oak Park mall in Overland Park. 

Steven's passion for God has been a leading inspiration to me and in our relationship it's fueled our strong desire to center our relationship on God. He's extrememly patient and understanding and we each have just enough goofy quirks to amaze each other, confuse each other and compliment each other. And he's the love of my life. :) 



Stay tuned for wedding planning awesomeness! :)