Jun 05, 2010

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These items are available for sale. I prefer a local buyer to pick up, but I will be willing to ship as well.

The following prices are also OBO. For shipping, please inquire so that I can estimate the shipping cost.

1. 14 of 24" red lanterns with diagonal pattern - $7 each

2. 27 of 16" red lanterns with diagonal pattern - $3 each

FOR SALE photo 1

Image courtesy of Luna Bazaar

This is how the lanterns look like in our reception:

FOR SALE photo 2

3. 44 sets of 2 LEDs soldered together with a battery holder - $3 each

FOR SALE photo 3FOR SALE photo 4

FOR SALE photo 5


4. 6 of 28" red paper parasols - $6 each

FOR SALE photo 6FOR SALE photo 7

Image courtesy of Luna Bazaar

5. 33" of red-white paper parasol - $6 each

FOR SALE photo 8FOR SALE photo 9


6. Guest pen - $8

FOR SALE photo 10


7. 2 red baskets with beautiful ivory / red liner - $15 each

FOR SALE photo 11FOR SALE photo 12

8. Beautiful frame (8"x10") by Vintage Treasures - $10

FOR SALE photo 13

9. Le Mystere bustier (34C) in ivory and perfect condition (only used once) - $60

It is smooth and comfortable. It made me look slim and hid my rolls under my dress very well. =)

10. NEW Bubble veil in ivory from etsy - $50

Pictures with model (not me):

FOR SALE photo 14

11. NEW Victoria Secret beach bag in pink - $7

FOR SALE photo 15

FOR SALE photo 16

12. Card box in 3 round tiered shape - $30

The covering material is silk. The picture (with and without flash):

FOR SALE photo 17FOR SALE photo 18

13. 1 red vase from light wood (from Pier 1 Import) - $30

As pictured on the left side below.

14. 2 Red cherry (plum) blossom with lighted LED arrangement (with or without filler) - $30 each

FOR SALE photo 19FOR SALE photo 20

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I got the invitation from an etsy seller, pinklilypress. We will go with something like this, with RSVP postcards.

THE Invitation photo 1


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For me, this is the second most important thing (the first one being the dress). =) I am a foodie. I like to bake and cook (and of course, eat). I have been smitten with this inspirational cake. So I am trying to go with something like this. Just imagine the base being white and the flowers being red and orange.

THE Cake photo 1

There will be 3-4 tiers and at least 3 flavors: orange blossom chiffon for the bottom tier, vanilla with strawberry filling for the second tier, amaretto for the middle tier, and chocolate chip for the top tier.

Also, since the wedding style is simple, elegant and modern, I am going with a cake stand like missem's and a few other PW girls here. I bought a square glass plate from Hobby Lobby and 9 4" square vases from the Dollar Store. This is my inspiration:

THE Cake photo 2

Here is the uber cute topper I got from Etsy:

THE Cake photo 3

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I gave into the mismatched bridesmaids look. The girls will be wearing different style of knee-length red satin dresses by Da Vinci or Impressions. There are 6 girls, 3 dress styles. Each dress style will be worn by 2 girls.

My MOH picked this style:

THE Bridesmaids Attire photo 1

Just imagine it in this red color:

THE Bridesmaids Attire photo 2


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Daisypath Wedding tickers

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We'll be getting married in a Catholic church called Prince of Peace in Green Bay, WI. It's a new church with modern architecture that we both love. It does not have a super long aisle, but we both just love the architecture and went with it.

THE Church photo 1THE Church photo 2