Sep 25, 2010

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The "official" location of the wedding and reception is a different Legion in Delavan, WI. The color green has been added to the color scheme of my wedding due to some green chairs the venue offers that we can't afford to cover up. :) I like the idea of adding green.That makes the "official" color scheme:

Dresses Venues and Hairpieces OH MY photo 1

The "official" dress that I have chosen is the one that appeared earlier in my posts, but I ordered it in this really pretty light pink. *swoon* It looks amazing on me, but it needs to be altered before the wedding. I got an amazing deal on the dress by ordering a color that was being discontinued, but by the time I ordered, the size I knew was too big had sold out so I had to get the next size down, which turns out to be ever so slightly too small. I intend to turn the back of the dress into a lace-up back rather than a zipper which should fix the problem, plus make me love my dress even more. :)

Dresses Venues and Hairpieces OH MY photo 2

The "official" hairstyle I've chosen is the Taylor Swift hair I posted a few months ago:

Dresses Venues and Hairpieces OH MY photo 3

And I have a choice between two hairpieces which were bought for me as a birthday gift back in February. The hairpieces look something like these two:

Dresses Venues and Hairpieces OH MY photo 4

Dresses Venues and Hairpieces OH MY photo 5

I'm loving how all of this is "officially" coming together. :):):)

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I'd been eyeing these pretties up for a couple months and was set on ordering them from SaharaAmaya on Etsy, where they would have been somewhere around $20 to order and ship to me. Cheap for wedding earrings...... right?

The first wedding purchase photo 1


Well, last night at work I was covering the Jewelry department for a few minutes, and I just happened to come across the same earrings... on clearance... for $3. SERIOUSLY?

That's the way to start off buying things for your wedding!


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Everything that I was picturing for the setting of my wedding has changed. I had some spiritual disagreements with the pastor from the church I grew up in (which I ought to have expected, but I thought nostalgia would make up for it!) so now both the ceremony and reception will be taking place in a legion hall in Twin Lakes, WI. It's a decent looking place, but a bit smaller than would be ideal. Still big enough to fit 100 people, but that's pushing it. We're expecting about 80-90.





As of Saturday, but I wasn't able to post. Let the countdown begin!



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A blog I'm starting about the difficulties plus size brides have when planning their perfect big day. Come laugh with me. :)

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So I was going through hairstyles again, looking for more examples of braided hairstyles when I came across the best hair I've ever seen! Now I'm not sure if I should stick to my original braids idea or move on to the Taylor Swift thing, because it's so natural, yet SO sophistcated... and it reminds me of early 1800's hairstyles which is kinda what I was getting at with the braids.

On the other hand I liked the braids because they were practical and would stay in place all day... On the other hand again, I'm not going to be outside in the wind very long, so a lot of hairspray should do it! Ugh!

Help me make my decision!

Sudden Hair Dilemma photo 1

Sudden Hair Dilemma photo 2

Sudden Hair Dilemma photo 3

Sudden Hair Dilemma photo 4

Sudden Hair Dilemma photo 5

Sudden Hair Dilemma photo 6

I also love the makeup look for this... :)

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Okay, I found these lovelies and I think I may go with them, but I'll keep my options open as far as shoes are concerned. These shoes come in black, white AND pink which are my three colors, so I have options if I change my mind about wearing pink shoes, PLUS they're relatively cheap at about $68.They got extremely good reviews as far as comfort and style and fit, so I would feel comfortable ordering them straight from zappos. Hopefully they won't be gone by the time I make my decision! >.<

Disaster Averted For Now photo 1