Oct 06, 2007

Got hitched in 2007 in Walnut Creek, CA, spent less than $20k for a wedding with 160 people! Had a kid in 2009. Had another one in 2014. I'm a freelance graphic designer specializing in invitations, paper goods, etc, check me out: www.alextebow.com
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One of my best friends is a photographer in North Carolina. She couldn't make it to our wedding, but she was in town over the holidays, so I convinced my DH to put his suit back on for some photos. At our wedding we didn't have a lot of time to take pictures of just the two of us. And she wants to add more wedding photography to her portfolio.

We met with Krista on very chilly Sunday morning at the Newark Community Center for what we thought were going to be trash-the-dress photos. The dress wasn't trashed at all... even the grass I laid down on was dry. Anyway, I was happy with many of the pics we took, and most importantly, we had fun. 

Post Wedding photos part 1 photo 1

Post Wedding photos part 1 photo 2

Post Wedding photos part 1 photo 3

Post Wedding photos part 1 photo 4

Post Wedding photos part 1 photo 5 Post Wedding photos part 1 photo 6
I'm not sure which of these I like best... 

Post Wedding photos part 1 photo 7

Post Wedding photos part 1 photo 8

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I also created a diagram for the centerpieces we created. The idea came from the lantern centerpieces that mavie used for her wedding. It uses two pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.

DIY Lantern ish Centerpieces photo 1

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I created a diagram for making our DIY pocketfold invitation. The text may be hard to read, so if you'd like the .pdf version, shoot me an email at alextebowdesigns at gmail dot com and I can send it to you.

DIY Invitations photo 1

DIY Invitations photo 2

DIY Invitations photo 3

DIY Invitations photo 4

DIY Invitations photo 5

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I'm happy to report that our wedding was a success and we had a wonderful time! While there were definately some hiccups, DH and I have no regrets. The ceremony was wonderful and because DH knew I was worried that I would cry, he and his groomsmen put on matching aviator sunglasses as I began walking down the isle. So, instead of possible blubbering, I was cracking up as I walked down the isle. Our officiant barely keeping his voice from cracking and his hands from shaking only made me giggle more.

The banquet was a lot of fun and the food was amazing! I give a lot of thanks to our photographer who must have been struggling to keep up. As soon as the ceremony started 30 minutes late due to guests arriving late, the whole timeline was shot to hell. Nothing really followed it after that and I know it must have been frustrating for him. Thankfully, none of the guests were aware that the banquet was on the brink of chaos... just in my opinion.

Some photos from the day:

a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 1  a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 2

a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 3 Us with our officiant, Lou. 

a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 4

my BFF, me, my lil sister, and my FSIL.

a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 5

With our Lion dancers! DH's big request for our wedding day.

a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 6

My girls and me.

a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 7

The boys!

a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 8  a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 9


My advise from the day's experience:

Pay attention to where you will be walking. Moments before I walked down the isle, Dad and I walked past a rose bush that plucked my veil right off my head. When my dad asked if I wanted to go back and get it, I replied, "We've gone too far..."

Make lots of lists! And most importantly, make sure someone (other than you) is responsible for this. I would have been incredibly preoccupied with all of these details if I didn't have a friend as my DOC. She did wonderfully and I just wouldn't have had a fun day without her.

Last planning bits:

Our DIY centerpieces
Because we did the Chinese banquet thing, we couldn't have an elaborate centerpiece. It had to be simple and informational. I was inspired by mavie's centerpieces and made these:

a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 10 a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 11

The other two panels were the table number and a short list of the guests seated at that table. The "kisses" panel was copied from another knottie, but I can't remember who. If someone knows, I'd appreciate the info so I can properly credit her.

It says:

"Kisses from the Bride and Groom. If you would like a public display of affection from this Bride and Groom, it will take more than just the clinking of a glass! For some display of 'love' to take place, your table will be required to sing a song with the word 'love' in it. The better the song, the better the kiss."

I also included Chinese characters for love, kiss, double happiness and my new last name.

These are our DIY Programs:
a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 12

We used leftover cardstock and patterned paper from my invitations for the cover. The insides were printed on plain ivory paper thru Kinkos. The ribbon is just that really cheap 1/8" ribbon you can get at Michael's for $.50 a spool. Total cost for 100 programs was about $70.

The information inside the program included a list of all members of the wedding party and their relationship to DH and myself, the ceremony music and info, explanations of the Chinese tea ceremony, explanations of the symbolism in the banquet food, a couple of sudoku puzzles and a personalized crossword puzzle.

a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 13

a tall white girl named Mrs Wong photo 14

I was really happy with how they turned out and we received a lot of complements. In hindsight, I wish I didn't put the answers to the crossword puzzle in the program. It could have been a fun game to decipher during the banquet. Oh well.

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... I'll be walking down the isle.

I'm so friggin excited that I can't sleep. And when I do, I dream crazy wedding disaster dreams where terrorists try to take over the world starting with my wedding. (I was watching season 5 of 24 a few weeks ago. Save me, dreamy Jack Bauer!)

Our friends and family have been wonderful and I had an RSVP in hand or via email for 160 guests on or before the deadline. I know how rare that is.

Programs are done. Centerpieces are done. Escort cards are done. Guestbook is done. Timeline is done. Music is set. Everyone has their jobs. My highlights are done. My teeth are whitening. All that's left to do is to pamper myself with a mani, pedi and a massage... and hope that this stress-related acne will clear up in the next three days.

Everyone on this board has been so wonderful and I can't imagine how hellish wedding planning would have been without these message boards... or the internet for that matter.


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Labor Day weekend was spent checking many items off the list. It's such a good feeling.

Our ring bearer is only 15 months old and will probably have to walk down the isle with his mom and dad. Which is fine since both are in the wedding party. Instead of having him hold a ring pillow that he probably won't hold, we just got him a ring bear at the Build-a-Bear Workshop. He loves stuffed animals and always walks around holding his very soft and plush bunny rabbit. So I grabbed the softest bear I could find and dressed him up in a tuxedo. We'll attach two fake rings to the bear's hand and have the little guy carry him down the isle instead of a ring pillow.

It'll be a surprise to everyone, including his parents.

We revisited our ceremony site over the weekend to see how the trees have grown in and to get an idea of how much shade we'll have.

This was taken around 1pm. By 3:30, the front of the gazeebo will be in the shade. Special thanks to the Walnut Creek Historical Society for placing that gazeebo in the right spot. ;-) We'll decorate the gazeebo minimally with some ribbons and a silk flower pomander hanging from the bottom of each of the railings. Then we'll place shepherd's hooks down the isle and hang smaller pomanders on them. Ribbons will be tied to the hooks too, kind of like this... but substitute the jar for a small pomander.

My brother, the videographer, testing his camera with the lighting and getting an idea of how everything will be layed out.

We'll conduct a somewhat traditional tea ceremony on this bench under this beautiful tree. We're still working on the logistics of this since we're planning to include our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and married older cousins. We're looking at over 30 people. I still need to make cushions for the bench and talk to my family about the tea ceremony and how it works. We'll probably provide red envelopes for my family and ask them to put $1 or $2 in them for the gesture.