Jun 21, 2010

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The dress:Trash the Dress photo 1 Ebay from a HORRID seller I would not recommend.

The Veils:Trash the Dress photo 2 and Trash the Dress photo 3 Valuveil on ebay

The bolero:Trash the Dress photo 4 Charlotte Russe

The shoes: Trash the Dress photo 5  Marlo Sales Bargain Basement on ebay

                                  I got them in black.

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Celebrating the Marriage



Sean Harris M and Sarah Elisabeth B

Hovander Park, Ferndale

Monday, June 21, 2010

4:00 p.m.

Recorded Prelude Music by Harvest Moon Music



Seating of Honored Guests  




Gathering Statement

Dear Friends and Family,

Today is a great and joyous day, a celebration of love made manifest in the union of Sean Harris M and Sarah Elisabeth B.  We are here in the presence of God’s creation amidst the beauty of nature and the signs of human stewardship of nature because God has called us to care deeply for one another, and to nurture life toward loving union in Christ. Sarahbeth and Sean have found in one another a true partner in life and love.  This place reminds them of how they met, and inspires in them the courage and perseverance to do together the tasks of marriage parenting, so that good growth might be the fruit of their love. Their life together has forged a bond which grows stronger with each passing day, and now they ask for your support and blessing, having made a decision between them of permanence.  We have come together from near and far because marriage is not an event of isolation, but of family, and community.  You are here because the love of friends is forever, and friendship is the root of Sean and Sarahbeth’s love for each other.  Your examples of friendship give them strength to live out that loving relationship described when Jesus said, “I have called you my friends.” 


Sean and Sarahbeth, as you set out on this adventure as partners in life, may you find delight not only in the produce of the garden, but in the process of the tending, weeding, pruning and nurturing that symbolize the daily path of marriage. May you be blessed on your way by our love and support, as indeed you have already been blessed by God. Our prayer for you is that you might grow and flourish surrounded by peace, inspired by beauty, protected and sheltered in one another’s love all the days of your life.


Opening Prayer  


Introduction of Unity Candle

The flames of these two candles represent life, which is a gift from our Creator God.  Sean and Sarahbeth have been good stewards of this gift.  Now they are prepared to combine their lives, so that the flame of God’s love might burn brighter and give warmth and light to the world.



God brings people together in many and varied ways.  Sarahbeth and Sean met through because they both enjoy the video game, Harvest Moon.  In that community, when a young man proposes marriage, he presents the young lady with a blue feather as an invitation into life together. I believe Sean has something for Sarahbeth! 


I invite you now to state your intentions.


Will you, __________ have this woman/man in the partnership of holy marriage?  Will you receive her/him as your partner in creativity?  Will you commit to be faithful to her/him in body, mind and spirit?  Will you move into the future with all its promise and uncertainty, trusting one another as you grow closer through all things?  And celebrating your individual differences, will you endeavor to be true to yourself as well, that your life together might be one of mutual respect and love?  If so, answer, “I will.”



Song of Songs 5:9-16  read by Pastor F

What is thy beloved m ore than another beloved, O thou fairest among women?  What is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou dost so charge us?

My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.  His head is as the most fine gold, his locks are bushy, and black as a raven. His eyes are as they eyes of doves by the rivers or waters, washed with milk, and fitly set.  His cheeks are as a bed of spices, as sweet flowers:  his lips like lilies, dropping sweet myrrh.  His hands are as gold rings set with the beryl: his belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires.  His legs are as pillars of marble, set upon sockets of fine gold: his countenance is as Lebanon, excellent as the cedars.  His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely.  This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem.


1Corinthians 13 (KJV) 

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.  And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth.

Marriage takes three to be complete;

It's not enough for two to meet.

They must be united in love

By love's Creator, God above.

Then their love will be firm and strong;

Able to last when things go wrong,

Because they've felt God's love and know

He's always there, He'll never go.

And they have both loved Him in kind

With all the heart and soul and mind

And in that love they've found the way

To love each other every day.

A marriage that follows God's plan

Takes more than a woman and a man.

It needs a oneness that can be

Only from Christ-

Marriage takes three.




Statement About Marriage

The vows you two are about to exchange are sacred, holy words, which make public the private commitment you already share. The essence of marriage is love, a commitment expressed in words and actions.  Marriage at its best is the union of best friends -- a partnership of equals whose joining strengthens their individual gifts through their commitment to common life goals.  The trust which grows as a result of this friendship draws them closer to one another, that their shared thoughts and dreams might be a blessing not only to each other, but to all the world for all their lives. 


Statements to Each Other  


Statement of Intent 

Sean and Sarahbeth, if it is your intention to share with each other your joys and sorrows, and all that the years shall bring, with your promises bind yourselves to one another as husband and wife. 




Exchange of Vows

_____, I come to you with all of my love, 

and these things I promise you;

I will be faithful to you and honest with you;

I will listen to you with my head and my heart.

I will respect, trust, help and care for you;

I will share my life with you;

I will forgive you as we have been forgiven;

I will strive to love you as God loves us. 



I, ___, take you, ___,

to be my wife/husband

to have and to hold,

for better or for worse,

for richer or for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

for now until forever

till death us do part.



Exchange of Rings 

These rings symbolize the unbroken circle of pure, strong love;  unbroken, as a circle has no beginning or end;  love freely given has no beginning and no end, is pure and holy, and gives you strength to become the people God intends you to be.  May these rings remind you always of the vows you have taken here today.


Repeat after me:

I give you this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness.

With this ring, I thee wed.


Announcement of the Marriage

Sean and Sarahbeth, by their promises before God and in the presence of these witnesses have bound themselves to one another as husband and wife.  Amen.  Those whom God has joined together let no one put asunder. You may kiss!


Lighting of Unity Candle 


Address to Jonathan

Johnathon, I have something to say to you today, and know that you will also hear these words differently as you grow and listen to this  more than once!  


God has given each of us the gift of family -- parents who give us life, brothers and sisters as companions, grandparents to share wisdom, and friends for support

Johnathon, know that Sarahbeth and Sean are solid in their commitment to one another, and they are solid in their commitment to you. They want to set a good example for you in words and in deeds, and will strive, with God's help, to be good partners to each other, and good parents to you.  May God bless your whole family with love and wisdom that you might grow up knowing and sharing God's love.



To attendants:

You've been asked to take a special part in this wedding because of the love and support you have shown to Sean and Sarahbeth through your individual relationships with them.  I ask you now to express the same support for them as a couple:  Will you be constant  in your care for Sarahbeth and Sean, encouraging them through tough times, being supportive listeners and wise counselors when needed, rejoicing with them in their love for each other, and will you keep them always in your thoughts and prayers?  If so, answer, "We will." 


Friends and Family,

You have known Sarahbeth and Sean throughout their lives, watching them grow and delighting with them as their love has taken root.  I ask you now to express your support, as they publicly have bound themselves to one another.  Will you support and encourage Sean and Sarahbeth, offering them advice when requested, quiet understanding when needed, and accepting the new life here begun, and will you keep them always in your thoughts and prayers?  If so, answer, "We will."


Translation of the Seven Blessings  (traditionally chanted at a Jewish wedding)

 Be Blessed, O Infinite God, the Power and Majesty of all, creating the fruit of the vine.

 We bless you now, Adonai, O Sovereign Spirit of the world, for creating the universe to augment Your glory.

 Be blessed, O Infinite God, the Power and Majesty of all, for creating the individual. 

 We bless You now, Adonai, O Sovereign Spirit of the world, for fashioning human beings who reflect the divine, one at their core, complementing each other in their differences.  Be blessed, O Infinite God, for fashioning woman and man.

 May our land be happy and rejoice, as a mother whose children return to her in joy.  We bless You now, Adonai, for letting Zion rejoice with her children.

 Let these loving friends rejoice.  May their joy be a paradise on earth.  Be blessed, O Infinite God, for causing this bride and this groom to rejoice.

 We bless you now, Adonai, O Sovereign Spirit of the world, for creating joy and happiness, bride and groom, mirth, song, gladness and rejoicing, love and harmony, peace and companionship.  O eternal One, our Boundless Power, may there soon be heard in the cities of the world and in the streets of Jerusalem, voices of joy and gladness, voices of bride and groom, the voices of lovers crying in joy beneath their huppahs, of soulmates shouting at their wedding feasts.  Be blessed, O Infinite God, for letting this groom and bride rejoice together.


Closing Prayer

Holy One, we give thanks for all the wonders of your creation.  For trees and flowers, for rivers and mountains, for music and the laughter of children.  We thank you especially that you care for us enough to bring us together out of isolation, that we might enrich each other and serve your world united in love.  Bless this marriage with all that these two people need.  Grant them the assurance of your presence, and give them strength to face every challenge triumphantly.  Cause them to be good parents, models of love for their children.  Bless Jonathan as he grows knowing their love.  Wrap Sean and Sarabeth in your gracious arms, and make them to delight daily in the gifts you have given them.  Assure them that the love we have for them is indeed Your love, and may they grow in love throughout the measure of their days.  In Your gracious name we pray.  AMEN.


Introduction of the Couple

It is my great pleasure to be the first to introduce to you Sean Bede-Morrell and Sarahbeth Bede-Morrell, partners in holy marriage!


Stage Notes

Following the ceremony you are invited to the picnic shelter for refreshments. Sean and Sarahbeth have some photography and paperwork to take care of following the ceremony, and will join you in 10-15 minutes.  There will be no formal receiving line, but they will be circulating among you.  Would the bridal party and family please gather in the clearing right away for the group photos?


The Lord bless you and keep you.

May the Lord's face shine on you and be gracious unto you.

The Lord look upon you with favor and give you peace.



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I bought 3.5 yards of Tulle for my veil. I wanted a very long veil with a blusher and I wanted room to mess up a little. I am short (5'1") so while I was in  the fabric store with my MOH we "Tried on" the veil while it was still on the bolt to see how much we neede for how long I wanted it. 

I had the Jo Ann lady measure the length of the short end if the tulle doubled it and added two feet because I wanted the lace to curve up but not continue all the way up the sides.

DIY Veil Instructions photo 1 I dropped the veil over my head to check the length of the blusher. This was too long for me. SO we adjusted it. I pointed to where I wanted to hang the veil from and had him put a safety pin to mark that point. 

DIY Veil Instructions photo 2 The I cut it.

DIY Veil Instructions photo 3 I doubled the tulle and lined up the open end and put book on top of it because the tulle is so light if you bump it it moves. 

DIY Veil Instructions photo 4 I used this giant Tupperware top to kins give me an idea of how much I wanted it rounded out. 

DIY Veil Instructions photo 5 The I cut it.

DIY Veil Instructions photo 6 Pin the lace so its the way you want it.

DIY Veil Instructions photo 7 If you want the lace to lay flat around the corners you need to cut around the designs and then you will need to pin them flat and kind of fold the lace around the design.

You are going to want to glue the trim on at this point. I used tuff tote box tops to glue on because the glue will stick to whatever you glue the fabric on and it will unstick a lot easier form the plastic then say cardboard. (I learned that one the hard way ladies. Picking paper out of glue for hours is NOT fun)

DIY Veil Instructions photo 8 Gather the tulle where it will attach to your comb.

DIY Veil Instructions photo 9When you are done it will look something like this.

DIY Veil Instructions photo 10 When that's done all you have to do is sew it to the comb!

DIY Veil Instructions photo 11 DIY Veil Instructions photo 12

DIY Veil Instructions photo 13 DIY Veil Instructions photo 14

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Guys Gifts photo 1

This is what we got all of the Groomsman except my youngest brother (He's 11.) They are going to love them!

My youngest brother and Junior Groomsman is too young to appreciate and enjoy a flask, so enter etsy! We got him a custom leather wallet! He is just about the age where he is going to be needing a wallet soon and we wanted to get him one that would grow with him that he would be able to use now and 20 years from now! 

Guys Gifts photo 2 This is the picture from the etsy listing, not his actual wallet.

It has his initials and everything! I'm so excited to give it to him! 

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Venue photo 1

This the fireplace in the pavilion.

Venue photo 2

This is the food prep area in the pavilion.

Venue photo 3

An awesome tree just outside the pavilion.

Venue photo 4

More of the awesome fireplace!

Venue photo 5

The fireplace goes all the way to the ceiling!

Venue photo 6

This is the ceiling!

Venue photo 7

More of the food prep/ buffet area.

Venue photo 8

Venue photo 9

This is the field right outside the pavilion. 

Venue photo 10

This is an old tractor which I thought was an awesome photo opportunity!
Venue photo 11
We're getting married right here!

Venue photo 12
Venue photo 13
Venue photo 14
Ceremony area trees!

There were some more great pictures but my camera died! :-( 
The place is awesome and I like it even better than the place that cancelled on me! 


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Bridesmaids Style photo 1

             That's everyone put together! 


Bridesmaids Style photo 2

Bridesmaids Style photo 3

This is what JennyMae is planning on wearing

Bridesmaids Style photo 4

Bridesmaids Style photo 5

This is What Meredith is planning on wearing

Bridesmaids Style photo 6

Bridesmaids Style photo 7

This is what Ashley is planning on wearing

Bridesmaids Style photo 8

Bridesmaids Style photo 9

This is what Kayla is planning on wearing


Bridesmaids Style photo 10

Their necklaces!

Bridesmaids Style photo 11

Their Bracelet

Bridesmaids Style photo 12

Their earrings!

Bridesmaids Style photo 13

Their Flowers!

Bridesmaids Style photo 14

Their handle will look like this but with "Tails"!

I made these to ask each of my bridesmaids to be in the wedding. I customized them a little bit but they are super cute and a great way to let everyone know from the beginning what to expect!