Jun 21, 2010

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Below are the colors of our wedding. We chose pink because it's always been one of my favorite colors and we really felt it went with the simple romantic feel we were going for. The green came in because we knew from the beginning that we wanted to have the wedding out doors and it represented the renewing and continuance of life. The brown was for the coffee. Besides that we felt that the other colors really needed something to ground them. We liked how the light ivory made things more wedding-like and airy. We chose light ivory over plain white just because we felt like white was just too white. Besides that my wedding dress is light ivory. :-) 

Inspirations and themes photo 1

One of the running themes in the wedding is lace. I originally wanted a lace dress but they only seem to make them in very slim cuts which did not look good on me at all. So I got a dress I loved and added lace to it and made a lace bolero. We also made a bunch of lace garland to hang around the reception area.

I love coffee and I always have. It's beautiful and fragrant and comforting. It really made sense for us to include it in the wedding, It was in our centerpieces and our unity candle set. We were also planning on serving coffee but our vendor fell through at the last minute. 

Inspirations and themes photo 2

The other smaller inspiration is Harvest Moon. We met on a forum about the game. In the game you run a farm and raise a family. And while we loved the farm element but our style is definitely NOT country or barnyard for that matter. So we kept it to just our venue and a few other small elements of the wedding.  

Inspirations and themes photo 3

Another subtle theme is Pearls. I've always loved pearls. I never was much of a bling girl when it came to my jewelery and fashion, but I've always loved the luster and elegance of pearls. All of my bridesmaids received a set of pearls to wear to the wedding and as a gift and I wore my Great Grandmother's pearls. I also brought it in other small places like the cake topper, flower girls baskets and ring bearer pillows. 

Inspirations and themes photo 4

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My engagement ring!

The Rings photo 1

The Rings photo 2

The Rings photo 3

With my wedding band!

The Rings photo 4

My FI's wedding band!

The Rings photo 5

The Rings photo 6

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Get dress 

Get shoes 

Finish making veil 

Finish Garter

Get jewelery

Get undergarments

Hair~I think I will have my BM or my mom do it

Make up  ~Mary Kay lady is going to do mine and my girls' makeup for free!

Have a trial run for hair/make up

Something borrowed 

Something blue ~My cameo and blue feather

Something old ~My Great-Grandma's pearls 

Something new ~This like the easiest one!

Fingers and toes done!~Scheduled for Sunday June 20th! span>


Pick up Tux



Both Seany and I

E-Pictures ~We did these in November with both of us and our son!


Give girl's will you be my bridesmaid cards

Make sure girls get their dresses

Make sure girls get their dresses altered

Make flower girls tutus 

Help my little sister find her "Head Flower Girl" dress 

Help MOG MOB GOG AND GOB find their dresses 


Register for gifts

Get Girls' presents

Get Boys' presents

Present for my mom

Present for his parents

Present for his grandmother

Present for my grandmother


Compile guest list 

Make invitations  

Send invitations 

VENDORS AND other important peoples!


Cake ~MMmmmm every time I think about my cake my mouth waters!


Photographer ~Jen Martin Studios is the BOMB! I am so excited to work with her!




My bouquet

4 bridesmaids bouquets


Write vows

Compile play list~ Done!

Finalize Day-of-schedule


Reserved signs ~I have a bridesmaid making these!

I DO cake letters~I have another bridesmaid doing these!

Order Fabric for draping ~ from here:

Thanks to Abbyh20 for the list template!

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Bridesmaids gifts photo 1


Bridesmaids gifts photo 2

Bridesmaids gifts photo 3

Bridesmaids gifts photo 4

and I made them a robe with their initial on it!

Bridesmaids gifts photo 5

Bridesmaids gifts photo 6

I found 6 hangers for $1.98 at a local thrift store so I am painting their initial on it and maybe adding a few cute flowers too!


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Our wedding ticker is completed!

Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Wedding tickers

So now I am counting down to our first anniversary!

                      Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Wedding tickers


                         wedding planning guide


                         Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

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Me the Bride photo 1 This is my ceremony hair!

Me the Bride photo 2 This is my reception hair!

This is my dress (its in ivory):
Me the Bride photo 3 Me the Bride photo 4 On the model
Me the Bride photo 5 Me the Bride photo 6 On me.

Mori Lee Blu Colection 4163


My veil inspiration looks like this:
Me the Bride photo 7 
Here it is! My veil is done!
Me the Bride photo 8 Me the Bride photo 9
This is is the back. Sorry for the laundry and wedding stuff in the background.
Me the Bride photo 10Me the Bride photo 11
Front view. I have my arms crossed to try and cover        Back view with the veil flipped back. :-)
the fact that I'm not wearing a bra since I had taken
it off for the day! 

Me the Bride photo 12 One of my pairs of shoes. I got them on for a steal and I love them, they are comfortable but becasue of the flower and the peep toe I still feel sexy in them!
(I will have 3 soon I have to pick up white flip flops from Old Navy next time I am there)

Me the Bride photo 13
My $.99 shoes from ebay! I am going to add bows to the back and maybe some bling too.

Me the Bride photo 14 My purse. I am going to put a few things like my cell phone, my lip gloss, wet wipes and a few more things like that inside it. I wanted a purse with an optional shoulder strap, because even though it will be my wedding, I'm still a mom and I can guarantee that I will have my hands full of my little boy at least a few times during the night.

Me the Bride photo 15 This is my bolero inspiration. But I wand fluttery loose sleeves not poof sleeves.


Me the Bride photo 16 My bouquet!

Me the Bride photo 17 My bracelet, my mom gave me this as my first mother's day present.

Me the Bride photo 18 My lovely earrings by PW's own Blustarfruit!

Me the Bride photo 19 This isn't a picture of my necklace but I am wear my Great Grandmother's Pearls. She is in heaven now, and this is my way of having her with me on one of my most important days of my life!

Oh and did I mention I have a pink crinoline?

Me the Bride photo 20