Jun 21, 2010

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I Just finished two of these in a few hours! Super easy DIY. I always knew I wanted to DIY these but I wasn't looking forward to hand sewing and stuffing the little pillows since I do not own a sewing machine. I found the perfect solution at Tuesday mornings the other day! 

Supplies List:

1 spool of 5/8" Satin Ribbon Cost $1 (I found it at the Dollar Tree)

1 package of fake (6mm) pearl beads Cost $1.19 (JoAnns)

1 package of fake rings Cost $1.19 (JoAnns)

2 "Keepsake" pillows with a little spoon Cost $4 apiece (Tuesday Morning)

This is what the pillows started like:DIY Ring Bearer s Pillow Instructions photo 1

I took the ribbon off with a seam ripper.

DIY Ring Bearer s Pillow Instructions photo 2

Then I found the middle and sewed some thread through to the back and added a pearl button.

DIY Ring Bearer s Pillow Instructions photo 3

I sewed back through to the front and sewed through my ribbon.

DIY Ring Bearer s Pillow Instructions photo 4

I threaded a pearl through my string.

DIY Ring Bearer s Pillow Instructions photo 5

Then I threaded the string through the ribbon and not through the pillow and I pulled it taut so there would be a depression in the pillow where the center and the beads are. Then I tied it off under the ribbon so the knot wouldn't show.

DIY Ring Bearer s Pillow Instructions photo 6

Then this is what I had:

DIY Ring Bearer s Pillow Instructions photo 7

Then I sewed little pearls on each of the four corners.

DIY Ring Bearer s Pillow Instructions photo 8

And tada! Finished Product!

DIY Ring Bearer s Pillow Instructions photo 9


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Hi my name is Sarahbeth and I am a full time mommy to the most wonderful little boy ever. Johnathon is the light of my life and I'm so glad I found someone who loves him half as much as me.  I enjoy arts and crafts and scrapbooking as well as reading and caring for my son. I love to try and parent my son as naturaly as possible, so I still breast feed and we cloth diaper.

For my wedding I was DIY queen! I DIYed everything from my veil to the flower girl baskets to the favors! It got tough at times but I loved every frustrating minute of it! I really felt lik me wedding was a personalized celebration and I had my fingers in every piece of pie which was great because I am a bit of a control freak. :-)


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My husband Sean and I met in 2005 on a forum about a gaming series we were both interested in called Harvest Moon. In this game there is no killing or fighting, you run a farm and raise a family along side of cows and rows of turnips and carrots. I messaged Sean first because I noticed he had a signature with Star Wars characters in it and Star Wars is just as awesome as Harvest Moon is to me so I messaged him about this coincidence. We talked for a while and really enjoyed each other's companionship- even if it was online. We found we had a lot of the same goals and values in life as well as a lot of the same tastes in just about everything else. Then due to life circumstances on my part we lost touch for a year  or so and then I found Sean on Myspace in 2007. We started talking again and there was rarely a day that went by that we didn't speak for at least a few hours. Sean decided to move up to Washington to solidify our relationship in September of 2009 and we became engaged shortly there after. We were married on June 21st of 2010 and we are expecting our 2nd child in the end of July beginning of August of this year and we couldn't be moer excited!