Jun 21, 2010

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I joined the hostess team on January 31st 2011! I am so happy to be part of this awesome community!

If you have any questions or need help please feel free to PM me or ask me questions in the "Ask a Hostess" group!

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Welcome to my page! I am in the process of updating things and getting them moved around. You are welcome to use any of my pics and inspiration, just please credit me and my photographer.  I have tried to source things I have found as best as I can, if something is yours let me know and you will get credit!

Some of my pages are friends only to prevent them from being found on Google so if you want to be my friend then you can add me. As long as you are an active member and have a profile picture you should be accepted!

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I've had a few questions lately about our Blue feather ceremony that came from both of our obsessions with the gaming universe of Harvest Moon. We both met on a website surrounding the series so we thought it would be appropriate to incorporate it into our wedding.

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Here's how we explained it in our ceremony:

God brings people together in many and varied ways.  Sarahbeth and Sean met through because they both enjoy the video game, Harvest Moon.  In that community, when a young man proposes marriage, he presents the young lady with a blue feather as an invitation into life together. I believe Sean has something for Sarahbeth! 

The he handed me the blue feather. 

Blue Feather Ceremony photo 2 

We tried to keep is short so our ceremony was not too long or tiresome, but there is a longer story and explanation to it if you care to read it. But beware it is rather long:

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How old are you both? I am 20, DH is 19

Do you have any pets? Nope

Was the proposal a complete surprise?  No, he and I knew he was going to propose. :-)

Was the wedding guests list "balanced?" No, my family is much bigger than his.

What are some traditions you kept at your wedding? We both decided on a very traditional wedding with some of our own twists to give it personality.

Did you buy his wedding band for him?  I did.

What is one thing about your DH that drives you nuts? He's a total slob!

What were you most looking forward to about being married? Calling him my husband

Inside or outside?  Outside, I always dreamed of an outdoor wedding

List anything you dislike. Onions and mushrooms. Blech.

How many people were there?  About 40?

Time of day?  5:00pm!

Any kind of theme?  Harvest Moon, tradional, elegant

How many bridesmaids?  2 BMs 2 MOHs 

What kind of cake/what did it look like?  It was all chocolate and very plainly decorated, We had Mocha raspberry filling on all layers except the top, that one was plain mocha. 

What kind of dress did you have/color/material? Ivory,with lace and taffeta

What kind of flowers in your bouquet?  Roses

Kind of engagement ring?  Non-traditional

How did you wear your hair?  Cured and up

Who was important to be there?  My son

How long were you be engaged before you get married?  About 9-10 months

Live together before or wait till married? Yes

Take a long time to plan the wedding or will it be simple? I took so much time but it was a little simple I guess, I didn't want it overdone.

Did you write your own vows or use something pre-made?  We wrote part but it was important to us to include the traditional vows as well

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While my mom may not be the most supportive person ever all of the time, but she is some of the time.

Mom s Dress photo 1 Here's my mom on her wedding day. 

I love that my dress is the modern equivalent to hers and I would have used hers in some way had her marriage to my a$$ wipe of a father turned out differently.

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