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Apr 17, 2010

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Amor Bakery
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Amor are the sunshine of my cake life :)

After agonizing over cake selections and visiting several other bakeries in the area we decided to check out Amor bakery. From glancing at the cakes in the store window and the cakes that they had in their display catalogue I was initially not very impressed, however once we met with Tommy, the owner, all our doubts melted away. Tommy was funny, easy to talk to, listened to all of our wants and needs and assured us that whatever style we chose, whether it be from his catalogue or from a picture we find online, he would be able to deliver.

We had called ahead requesting to try to cake flavors, sponge cake with fresh mangos and strawberries, and vanilla cake with custard. Not only were both selections delicious but Tommy made them, on the spot, right when we sat down. Talk about fresh!!

The cake was delivered on time and in great shape and everone was very happy with the cake. Not only that but the cake order, for a 3 tier, whipped cream with fresh mangos and strawberry sponge cake, with ribbon and designs, including delivery, only came out to $250!!!!!

Services used: Wedding Cake

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Creative Floral Designs
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Bernie I love you!!

Bernie was a breeze to work with and was always knowledgeable, friendly and accomodating. He made sure to meet all of our wants and wishes and delivered at a great value for the price!

Bernie sat with me through my many sporadic color changes and last minute additions to my floral order and always responded with patience.

Our wedding florals were beautiful and everyone oohed and awwed at our florals.

I would recommend Bernie for all of your floral needs and I will be sure to be returned to him for all of my flower orders for any speciali occasion.

Services used: Flowers

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Steve did a wonderful job MCing and DJing our wedding.

Not only was he very accomodating to our, at times, eclectic music choices he also had a very large library of music that catered to our tastes.

Everything went off without a hitch with the pacing and timing of the reception all thanks to Steve.

I would highly recommend him to any bride.
Services used: DJ

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Kevin Lee Studio was one of the best "purchases" we made for our wedding. Kevin and his team all throughout our wedding planning process was always professional, caring, and went out of their to make my husband and I feel comfortable and to meet our wants and needs. For the day of our wedding Kevin came with 3 assistant photographers and everyone of them were professional, friendly and so very talented. They were like ninjas! They were un-obstructing but were able to get the perfect shots everytime.

After the wedding day Kevin delivered the promised product in a timely manner and we were so very happy with all of our photos.

I would recommend Kevin to any potential bride.
Services used: Photography

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Inlight Lighting Inc. Event Lighting, MC/DJ Services & Event Rental
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Working with Terry from Inlight Lighting was one of the best experiences I have had working with a vendor. Terry was completely honest with us when we were deciding on whether to have uplighting for our reception venue. He gave us his professional opinion and was brutally honest with what we could expect from lighting in a venue with such low ceilings. Either way we decided to have uplighting anyway and Terry provided us with the best quality of service and awesome pricing as well.

For the big day Inlight provided a clean and easy setup for our lighting and everything was done to our exact specifications that we had discussed.

I would definitely recommend Inlight Lighting to any bride.
Services used: DJ, Rentals & Photobooths

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James Irvine Japanese Garden at JACCC
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
Overall we really did love our venue for our wedding ceremony here at the James Irvine Japanese Garden, however the process of planning and booking with this venue was frustrating at times. At the time of our booking we received special pricing for our wedding so + 1 star for that.

The reason why I did not give 5 stars is due to the coordinators promising 1 thing verbally and in the written contract, it stating another. We had to reiterate and reconfirm many aspects of our ceremony and cocktail hour before the day of and had to be sure that we were not be charged any extra fees or panalties due to some rules and policies that were vaguely written out in the contract.

Communication with the garden staff was also a challenge. I would leave a message via telephone and receive an email response an hour or two later or I would send an email to one coordinator and the other would answer in her stead.

In the very end the staff at the garden did pull through and the ceremony went off without a hitch.

I would recommend this venue to another bride however I would stress the fact to get everything and anything and writing.
Services used: Wedding Venue
James Irvine Japanese Garden at JACCC
As with all venues, we strive to do provide the best possible customer service. It is unfortanate that Lynette was unhappy with our staff response time and the clarity in which we communicated any adjustments to her billing based on her changes. Our contract is very clear, as well, we expressed our policy regarding the storage of rental items on several occasions to her coordinator. As well, we were not informed that a cocktail hour was going to take place at the time the wedding was booked, and as would be the case at any venue, we adusted our fees accordingly.

As for customer service, while Lynette used her own coordinator in lieu of contracting with the in-house coordinator, our staff assisted her planner with many aspects of the set-up and ceremony that Lynette may not have been aware of. We provided our linen for use during their cocktail hour because the linen that was brought from home was inappropriate. In addition, we assisted with setting up the floral and other tasks that should have been handled by her coordination staff. In this regard, I believe this review is slightly unfair.

The James Irvine Japanese Garden at the JACCC is fast earning a reputation for quality customer service and highly competitive pricing.

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( 4.6 / 5.0 )
Pat Maki and her players were wonderful to work with. They showed up on time and played beautifully during our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.

They are a priced a little higher but provide great value for the price. Their song selections range from the traditional wedding arrangements to the more modern movie soundtrack selections.

I would defeinitely recommend Pat Maki Players to my fellow brides.
Services used: Ceremony Music

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Jennifer Yamauchi {Wedding & Events Consultant}
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Update: JENNIFER YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND! Jennifer went above and beyond to make our day extra special. I literally didn't worry about anything and everything just came together the day of on the wedding day. All through the planning process Jennifer attended every meeting, planned out every detail with me and made sure that everything was on schedule and taken care of for the special day. I HIGHLY recommend Jennifer to anyone who is in need of a smart, friendly, loving and highly capable and wonderful wedding planner :) Jennifer is my DOC and even though my wedding is still over 9 months away Jennifer has been so sweet and helpful to me :) From when I first met her I knew that she was a wonderful person. She is very open and friendly and sends me little reminders every so often and suggests great tips for money saving ideas (great for a budget bride like me!) Jennifer makes me feel at ease with this whole wedding planning thing and keeps me on task with her many helpful lists, sheets and other organizational tools she has. I would recommend any bride to Jennifer for not only is she a wonderful DOC but she is also very much like a great friend.
Services used: Wedding Planning

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Mariposa Boutique
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
I visited Mariposa back in March of this year after reading several good reviews. I made my appointment and schlepped my bridesmaids over to Anaheim to try on the dresses. The store itself is a bit small but has a very wide selection of dresses. I went in and checked in with the very friendly sales girl at the front desk who referred me over to DeeDee who was an assistant bridal consultant because the other consultants were busy with other brides. I was a little annoyed at this considering that I had made an appointment however DeeDee was helpful in helping me drag the dresses into the dressing room. Later on in the appointment I was assisted by Naeemah who is very sweet and gave her honest opinions about the gowns I tried on (which I appreciated.) I had found a dress I REALLY liked but couldn't decide right away so Naeemah suggested I take a picture of the gown so I can think about it. Now in my experience of bridal shopping almost 99% of bridal salons do not allow you to take pictures so +1 star for that. After much consideration I went back during their trunk show for Maggie Sottero in which if you purchase your gown that day you get an extra 10% off. Another +1 star for that. I again made another appointment so that I could try on a few other gowns to compare with the one I had in mind. I arrived early for my appointment but had to wait due to my consultant working with another bride. After waiting 40 minutes past my appointment time before a room was made ready for me. The "one" ended up being the gown I initially REALLY REALLY liked and now LOVE. Overall Mariposa ranked pretty high in comparison to the other salons I visited and ended up having the best price for my gown.
Services used: Dress & Attire

130x130 sq 1364422713681 bridal
Ferndales Bridal
( 3.0 / 5.0 )
I visited Ferndale's on a whim one rainy afternoon and called in the morning for an appointment. Parking was very tricky due to the lack of spaces and narrow driveway but if you are lucky you will catch someone that is just leaving. I came in right on time for my appointment however the receptionist couldn't find my name on the list. After perusing the appointment book for another 5 minutes or so she found my name and told me to start browsing about the shop for gowns I would like to try on. The thing I really liked about Ferndale's is that they had a pretty good selection of gowns around $500. They also had a sales rack in the back that you can peruse through if you are looking for a slightly used gown at a discounted price. After picking out several gowns Emily was assigned as my consultant and she is very nice and sweet. She made many helpful suggestions and brought out many different gowns that she thought would suite my taste (all of which I liked but THE ONE was not among them.) The thing I didn't like about Ferndales is that though they keep the designer tags attached to the gown they do not let you know the style name or number of the gown. Another thing I didn't like about Ferndale's is that the dressing rooms are very dated and a little dirty and that they used clothes line clips as dress clips. I didn't end up getting my dress here but it is worth a visit to see their selection and work with Emily who was very sweet and pleasant.
Services used: Dress & Attire

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City of Commerce Flowers
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
While researching florists I had visited Duke at Commerce Flowers for a consultation. Commerce Flowers was recommended to us by my brother and sister in law so I was looking forward to the meeting. We worked with Duke, who is very sweet and friendly and told lots of funny stories. The things I liked about commerce flowers was that Duke was very imaginative when it came to floral arrangements as in round globular arrangements rather than a square vase arrangements; using strings of pears and crystals rather than just one or the other and so forth. Duke told us many stories of how he worked with celebrity weddings and parties (particularly Selma Hayek) you can really tell he enoys what he does. The thing I didn't like about Commerce Flowers was that when Duke was in his creative mode during our conversation he didn't really take into account our input of what we wanted nor did he ask us specifically what we wanted. He would just sketch out what came to his mind and show us what he thought would be pretty and when I would start to make a comment or opinion he would say "don't worry it will be beautiful!" and move on with his next sketch. When to came to writing up our quote he just scanned what he had written out into a PDF and emailed it to me. This was kind of hard to read but I guess it got the job done. The pricing was a bit high for what we were looking to pay so we ended up not going with Commerce Flowers. Though we did enjoy our conversation with Duke and I am sure their work is beautiful we ended up going with another florist that provided the same quality work with a much lower price tag.
Services used: Flowers

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The Daily Blossom Florist
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I went in for a consultation with Lien and she is very sweet and attentive to our wants and input. Her style is more "modern" as opposed to the more "classic" floral arrangements but I am sure she would make whatever you would like that comes to mind. I liked the Daily Blossom because she was very attentive to us during our consultation (a rather irrate patron came in wanting a floral arrangement to be made in a hurry but Lien very sweetly asked him to wait while she finished with us)and had a lot of creative input that suite our style. We didn't end up going with Lien because her pricing was a bit high for what we were looking to pay but she is definately worth a visit if you have a higher budget for flowers than we did.
Services used: Flowers

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Diamond Bakery
( 2.0 / 5.0 )
Diamond Bakery's normal cakes are all very tasty and delicious however their wedding cake leaves much to be desired. My family and myself have been a patron to Diamond Bakery for many years so it was natural for myself and my future husband to schedule a cake tasting with them for our wedding cake. The girls working at the bakery do speak very good English however their attitudes are a bit stand offish and they gave off the energy of "I am only helping you because I have to and I am utterly dis-interested in what you need" Future husband and I walk and inform the young lady working behind the counter that we are there for a cake tasting. Girl asks our name and phone number and goes to the refridgerator and grabs a box. In side held the two cakes that we had called ahead to try. One was the white cake with custard filling with fondant frosting, the other a white cake with fresh mangos and whipped cream frosting. The white cake with custard filling was okay but the fondant was overly sweet and crunchy (granted I am not a fan of fondant) The fresh mangos in the other cake were sour and were not ripe or fresh and the whipped cream was a bit too sweet. We tried to eat as much of the cake as possible but had to hand back what we couldn't finish. When we asked about pricing the whipped cream cakes start at about $275 where as the fondant cakes start at $500. No cake design books were offered to us nor was there anyone readily available to answer questions. Overall a not so good experience.
Services used: Wedding Cake