Jul 11, 2009

( 3.0 / 5.0 )
I had a overall mixed experience with Christine. It was kind of difficult to meet with her and she canceled on our initial meeting three times without advance notice. It wasn't a good first impression but when I finally decided to meet with her, she was nice, prices were very competitive and her work looked great. One of the things I felt was lacking was the business aspect. I had to follow-up and make sure my checks were received and that my rental deposit was mailed to me timely. Some of the information on my contract was inaccurate. I also wanted to confirm things with her the week before the wedding but she didn't contact me back until the day before my wedding. When she finally returned my calls, she said there was a change in their policy, potentially increasing the price of my contract. Thankfully, we were able to work out that issue but it was a little stressful for me to hear something like that the day before the wedding. Normally, I would understand the change in policy if she told me earlier but the contract was already set for 6 months prior and I have received no notification regarding that. Other than that, I must say her actual work on the bouquets and especially the altar pieces were beautiful. In the end, she did complete everything that was stated on our contract. But I could understand some of the other brides' mixed reviews as well. I was willing to forgo the organized business aspect of her service to the competitive prices and floral work she offered. If you are willing to do the same, then I recommend her. If not, I recommend a vendor that will be more proactive and prompt in his/her customer service. Personally, if I had to do it again, although the prices were great, I would probably pay a little more for better customer service and less stress before the wedding.
Services used: Flowers

Aimee Makeup Artistry - Bay Area, CA
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I am so glad that I was able to have Aimee to do my bridal make-up & hair. I went to three other make-up trials with other artists before but she definitely was the best fit for me and exactly the type of make-up artist I was looking for: organized, patient and technically skilled in their field. I usually feel like people pile on make-up on my face but she made it very natural but still look good for the photos. I noticed that she thinks very thoroughly for my wedding day. For example, she asked to see my photographers' website so she can see how their lighting technique would affect the make-up. My photographers liked to take bright photos so she made my make-up a little darker and it came out perfect in our wedding photos. She also asked to see a rough timeline so she can stay on time. For the trials, she took her own photos and sent them to me promptly. She was also thoughtful by recommending ways to keep my face fresh before the wedding. These were just a few things she did that really made her a great person to work with. After my mom saw her trial work on me, she asked me if Aimee was able to do her make-up as well! Aimee did a wonderful job on my mom, me and my husband as well. He was very anti-make-up but it looked so natural and very subtle. He is a fan as well. On the day of my wedding, she came a little earlier than the start time to set up right away, which I appreciated. She was patient and made me feel comfortable the whole time through. The best thing I liked about Aimee is that I could totally trust her work. I didn't have to worry anything related to my hair or make-up for my wedding day. Other vendors I had to follow-up with or ask my coordinator to check on them. Overall, Aimee is really sweet and very talented with hair and make-up. Hands down, I recommend her to any bride searching for a make-up artist. Not only is she excellent, you can count on her to make you look beautiful on your big day.
Services used: Beauty & Health